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Links about intuition
Zapping from the good guys, the helpers.
They will not hide behind religious bullshit, and prefer to do their work quite without any notice.
9 out of 10 Nobel Prize Winners say that they let the intuition lead them along the right path in their research.

How Does Intuition Speak To Me?
Harold describes a time when he was driving along a city street and an inner voice yelled, "Stop!" Startled, Harold immediately put on his brakes. Within seconds a small child ran out in front of his car from between two parked cars. He surely would have hit her without this clairaudient experience.

Dreams: A famous example of intuition's dream work comes from research scientist James Watson. Watson and his partner, Frances Crick, were asking: What is the design of DNA, the chemical foundation for all life?
Watson's symbolic dream of two intertwined snakes and his correct interpretation of the double helix provided a key to all life.

Amazingly, his intuition was so efficient that the double helix was accepted without the verification of one experiment!
Expectant mothers can use the power of intuition to learn the sex of their unborn babies, says a University of Arizona study. Women who claimed to have an intuition about the gender of their child made the right choice 70% of the time. A survey of college students also found 80% believe their mothers are more intuitive than their fathers.
Honing a company’s competitive skills is fundamental to the survival of any business and organization. Given the current economic conditions, the corporate environment is shaping into a very competitive and global market place such that the degree to which a company survives and thrives is based, to a large extent, on the organization’s ability to make decisions with speed and accuracy. Rare within the more competitive organizations are senior executives and managers who possess the processing skills that enable them to make decisions on an intuitive level that, in turn, enable these officers to solve their organization’s problems with accuracy and speed.

The concept of intuition discussed in this paper is regarded as scientific albeit weak and there is still much more research that is needed in order to gain greater comprehension about the concepts and the details of the intuitive decision-making process.
Sleeping on a problem’ may be the best way to solve it
Intuition guided decisions more likely correct than not
Studies Show Evidence for Psychic Intuition

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Dimensions of Intuition: First-Round Validation Studies
Rosanne Vrugtman

Accordingly, the researcher developed the Dimensions of
Intuition (DOI) instrument to measure 24 variables purportedly predictive of intuition. Data were collected from 302 respondents, ages 20-79, from differing occupations and educational backgrounds nationwide.

Introduction to the Study
Agyakwa (1988) identified two discrete ways by which human knowledge is possible:
deduction/induction and the other way of knowing-intuition.
Deduction/induction is the linearsequential-
concrete processing mode characterized by logic, reason, and analysis. By contrast, intuition is a holistic-random-symbolic processing mode exemplified by creativity, imagination, knowledge transformation, idea synthesis, rapid inference and pattern recognition.
Though the deductive/inductive approach is essential, it has been asserted that no new knowledge comes by this means (Sloan, 1983; Westcott, 1968). Further, this mode is most beneficial when one can control and predict all variables, can measure and define precisely, and has complete and adequate information (Goldberg, 1983)—conditions often impossible to meet in a complex, fast-paced world. By contrast, intuition enables one to know that which may be inaccessible and, therefore, “unknowable” by any other means. As Sloan (1983) contends, it is intuition that brings to receptive individuals intuitive insights, which he defines as “immediate, whole, unanticipated perceptions of novel and previously unconsidered ideas”

Plato (Phaedrus 243e-246a) recognized the existence of intuition, which he referred to as
“divine madness.”
Maternal instincts are gaining increased attention from the medical community at large. "I think mother's intuition is real," says Dr. Sandra Arnold, associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. "We always say we need to listen to the parents. If they think there's something wrong, then we need to take that very seriously."

Shannon Massey awoke suddenly in the middle of the night with an alarming sense that something was horribly wrong with her 3-month- old son.
Running to his bedroom, she found him pinned underneath his crib after the bottom had fallen out and it collapsed in on him. Massey was able to immediately rescue her son in Bartlett, Tenn.

Early one afternoon, Sylke Finnegan of Las Vegas was at work, when she suddenly and inexplicably became overwhelmed by an urgent feeling that something was wrong. Minutes later, she received news that her 11-year-old daughter had been in a serious car accident.

Brenda Lachman of Rockport, Texas, was busy at home, while her 2- year-old son played in the kitchen under the watchful eye of a housekeeper. Suddenly, a nagging "inner voice" seemed to insist he was in the swimming pool. That's where she found him, lips purple and not breathing. Quick action saved his life.

Was it coincidence, or something else, that alerted these women to the danger involving their children? In each of these cases, all three point to "mother's intuition" as the source of the mysterious information.

Defining mother's intuition is difficult, but it can best be described as a mother's "knowing without knowing how they know" what their children need to stay healthy and safe.
Intuition in Business
Resist the impulse to concentrate. Be attentive but not intense. Playfulness and relaxation usually stimulate the intuitive process.

Dr. Lynn B. Robinson, emeritus professor of Marketing of the University of South Alabama

So, what is intuition and where does it come from ?
Through time, human intuition has proven to be a sort of spiritual radio receiver that can tune into sixth sense information gathered from instinct, experience, the unconscious, humanity’s collective knowledge, and from non-material spirits, including the Divine.

Intuition can appear as a hunch, a creative insight, or a direct communication, and it can manifest as sound, feeling, sense, movement, or as any other stimulus recognized by the five human senses.

Who Believes in Intuition, Anyway ?
The historical record reveals that most of the world’s major religions were founded by people who followed directions they believed that God had given them through their inner voice. This is true of Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. Over the years, billions of followers have believed in these religions founded by people who heard and followed their inner voice.
The only thing important from this webpage is the conclusion:

I know for sure that it's God or a higher power giving you advise. Since I started using this intution my live has changed a lot. I'm made a complete 360 towards a better life.

List of all the brain signals that can be remote controlled through zapping by ET.
It's a machine.

Another list of all those signals in the brain that is possible to remote control.
Of all of the types of psychic abilities, clairsentience is often the first and easiest to develop when you open more to perceiving beyond the five senses.

The “clairs” are:

clairvoyance (clear seeing, or psychic vision)
clairaudience (clear hearing, or psychic hearing)
clairsentience (clear feeling/sensing or psychic feeling/sensing, including clairempathy)
clairtangency (clear touching or more commonly, psychometry)
claircognizance (clear knowing or psychic knowing)
clairgustance (clear tasting or psychic tasting)
clairalience (clear smelling or psychic smelling, sometimes also called clairscent)
For most people, in the beginning 90% of your psychic abilities will be of the clairsentient kind.
Sometimes called "psychic feeling". There are two forms of clairsentience: empathy and psychic knowing. Clairsentience is the ability to "know" about someone or something without the use of the five senses for input. Clairsentience is probably the most common type of intuitive ability. (Often we refer to it as a Hunch, a Gut Reaction, or Instinct.) For instance, often in a reading, I know the emotional state of the seeker and the topic that is most important to them, without having exchanged anything more than "hello's". Yes, some of the input could be the look on their face, the way they hold their body, the tone of their voice. There's nothing wrong with using your five other senses to help the person.

A link to somebody that perhaps has not made all those complete conclusions about intuition ?

What is Synchronicity?

Note : This link is in the grayzone between true intuition and fake intuition.

Intuition Is More Than Just A Hunch, According To Leeds Research

"People usually experience true intuition when they are under severe time pressure or in a situation of information overload or acute danger, where conscious analysis of the situation may be difficult or impossible," says Prof Hodgkinson.

He cites the recorded case of a Formula One driver who braked sharply when nearing a hairpin bend without knowing why - and as a result avoided hitting a pile-up of cars on the track ahead, undoubtedly saving his life.

"The driver couldn't explain why he felt he should stop, but the urge was much stronger than his desire to win the race," explains

Professor Hodgkinson. "The driver underwent forensic analysis by psychologists afterwards, where he was shown a video to mentally relive the event. In hindsight he realised that the crowd, which would have normally been cheering him on, wasn't looking at him coming up to the bend but was looking the other way in a static, frozen way. That was the cue. He didn't consciously process this, but he knew something was wrong and stopped in time."

My own iterpretation : Someone else processed the situation for that brainless driver. A guardian angel or ET.

The links below are like colorblind people trying to describe color.
Written by people which have no own experience of intuition.
And they mistake memories and long time experience for intuition.
Intuition is a kind of knowing and understanding that relies upon the capacity to read signals, clues and patterns, often based on previous experience. We expect the doctor with several decades of experience to make such intuitive judgments with more skill when diagnosing a patient than an intern just starting out, but we would also expect that doctor to temper the understandings flowing from intuition with medical and scientific knowledge.
Swede cracks the secrets of intuition

Original article about Nobel Prize Winners intuition, in swedish language.


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