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Those who don't want you to fell asleep.
A mix of good and evil zapping from our neighbours in the galaxy.
3 to 5 percent of all the people can hear voices talking in their heads.

Most of the websites about hearing voices have come to the same conclusion, that hearing voices have the same explanation as intuition.
Angelo, a London-born scientist in his early 30s with sandy brown hair, round wire-frame glasses and a slight, unobtrusive stammer, vividly recalls the day he began to hear voices. It was Jan. 7, 2001, and he had recently passed his Ph.D. oral exams in chemistry at an American university, where, for the previous four and a half years, he conducted research into infrared electromagnetism. Angelo was walking home from the laboratory when, all of a sudden, he heard two voices in his head. “It was like hearing thoughts in my mind that were not mine,” he explained recently. “They identified themselves as Andrew and Oliver, two angels. In my mind’s eye, I could see an image of a bald, middle-aged man dressed in white against a white background. This, I was told, was Oliver.” What the angels said, to Angelo’s horror, was that in the coming days, he would die of a brain hemorrhage. Terrified, Angelo hurried home and locked himself into his apartment.

some ET:s are evil and pretend to be Gods and angels.
And you can't always trust your intuition.

Unable to Hear your Intuition ?
Intuition can come to you through different channels. You could be seeing images in your mind’s eye, having irrational gut feelings, or ideas just popping into your mind, hearing voices or thoughts in your head, or suddenly having random words in your head or strange sensations in your body.
Intuition consists of at least eight intuitive senses: seeing, feeling, hearing, knowing, tasting, smelling, speaking, and singing.

How Does Intuition Speak To Me ?

Intuitive hearing: The word, clairaudient, is used to describe an experience where you 'hear' something without the use of your physical ears. Harold describes a time when he was driving along a city street and an inner voice yelled, "Stop!" Startled, Harold immediately put on his brakes. Within seconds a small child ran out in front of his car from between two parked cars. He surely would have hit her without this clairaudient experience.
How does Intuition Work ?
Some people are gifted by having a natural ability to 'see things' or 'hear messages'. Intuition also works by using our nervous-muscular system and by manipulating our normal five senses - seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting.

What the shrink says
Intuition. Although the idea of intuition is ages old, the existence of intuition as a formal theory was first introduced in the work of psychologist Carl G. Jung, who studied with Sigmund Freud and later embarked on his own research practice. Unlike Freud, and other psychological theorists that would follow, Jung theorized that human psychology involved spiritual aspects that played an important part in individuals' lives as well as society. Jung theorized that intuition:

Is a natural part of all of us;

Works within us to help us understand ourselves;

Enables us to understand others;

and Connects us to a larger metaphysical awareness that spans the whole of time and space called the collective unconscious.

Clairaudience means clear hearing. It is said that clairaudience is the least common type of verbal intuition, and it involves the sensation of hearing words and sentences through inexplicable auditory means. Clairaudient messages are not to be confused with the auditory hallucinations experienced by people with organic, neurological mental disorders. Clairaudient messages are relevant to the person hearing them and make sense in some way.

(Perhaps a red alert for this link because it sells things. Which means, don't trust everything you read. You can't sell God's voice and intuition, but you can help people listen.)
And yet others may experience their inner sense as clairaudience (“clear hearing”) where they hear the answer as if by telepathy (this is not an hallucination). With practice a person can easily develop access to all 3 types of inner senses – it is much the same as building up a muscle at the gym. The more you use it, the more powerful and easily it flows.

The voice of God
Many prophets throughout recorded history have heard voices that offered them divine wisdom and guidance. This spiritual phenomenon of hearing voices that no one else can hear can be a psychic gift known as clairaudience (meaning clear hearing), or mediumship, which is the ability to communicate with spirits on the Other Side.
Hearing the voice of an angel is called "clairaudience," which means "clear hearing." Their voice may sound like your own or it may sound different. The voice can emanate from within your body, within your mind, or sound as if it's outside your head. When an angel warned me that my car was about to be stolen, his voice sounded as if he were talking through a paper towel tube, just outside my right ear.
Some people who are clairaudient actually hear voices, as if someone is speaking to them. Yet no one is physically present. Moses on the mountain top is an example of this type of clairaudience.

Organized (sick?) people
People that haven't heard about intuition and can't get the right explanation from those unexperienced doctors.
Eleanor Longden was a diagnosed schizophrenic and heard menacing voices in her head for 10 years. Now, she has fought back and has graduated with a brilliant honours degree in psychology.
British psychologist, Rufus May is taking an unusual approach to schizophrenia by encouraging his patients not to battle against their voices - but to embrace them.

"The voice in my head says: 'You have to kill yourself because it's the only way you'll be free,'" explains a young woman.
I've learned that my voices themselves are not a problem. It's my relationship with them that's important. Facing them and working with them has changed my life and made me feel optimistic about it instead of scared.
The film challenges our notions of mental health and how to treat it. May doesn't think Ruth is mentally ill and rejects the idea of treating her with powerful antipsychotic drugs. Instead, he teaches her to talk back to the voices in her head, with the aim of identifying and getting a grip on them and ultimately coming to control them.
Imagine that you are sitting on a bench in an MBTA station, waiting for a train. Next to you is an older man, staring into the distance with a glazed look in his eyes. Every few minutes his lips move in silent speech. Then, his trance seems to break, and he turns to you.
"I hear voices in my head," he says, "that tell me what to do. "

Chances are you will politely nod, sidle to the end of the bench, and scan the platform for another place to sit. Your reaction likely mixes pity with anxiety, because auditory hallucinations signal psychosis, and you're saddened and unnerved encountering a person unable to distinguish between reality and illusion.

The man in the subway station fades from your mind until you next attend your house of prayer, whether it be a church, synagogue, or mosque. And as the priest or rabbi or imam delivers his sermon, he refers to sacred texts that recount how Moses spoke with God at the burning bush, or how Ignatius Loyola and Martin Luther listened to the divine call, or how Mohammed was instructed by Allah to write down the suras of the Koran. As a person of faith, you venerate those who heard God's voice and translated it into wisdom for the world.

Suppose you are not a religious person but a secular humanist, committed to living an ethical and self-aware life. Then Socrates would be one of your guides. He formulated his philosophy through dialogue with the Athenians around him. But, it turns out, Socrates also regularly turned inward, listening to an inner voice that he termed his "daimonion." Rather than consult the sanctioned oracle at Delphi, he strictly obeyed the unique voice in his head.

Daniel B. Smith, in the articulate, engaging, and deeply researched "Muses, Madmen, and Prophets," wrestles with what it means to hear voices. Saint, scholar, or schizophrenic -- why do we assign differing values and valences to individuals who hear voices, and to what their voices say?

WebPages about people hearing voices.
The Voice
My second example is the only time in my life when that inner voice shouted at me.  It was quite an experience.  My wife and I had been weighing the pros and cons of bringing a child into this world.  We wanted to make a planned and informed decision.  This is the biggest decision in life, and we wanted to be absolutely sure it was the right decision.  We talked about the financial side, we talked about the emotional side, we talked about what we would give up, and what we would gain.  We thought, pondered, researched, and discussed for weeks. Then one day, as I was driving to work with the radio off, and thinking to myself, I heard a voice loud and clear, “It’s for her.”
With those words came a clear understanding.  My wife was meant to have a child.  It was part of the experience she was meant to have on this planet, during this lifetime.  Looking back on it, that voice was right; my wife has been a wonderful mother, like she was meant to do it, like it was the missing part of her existence finally filled in.  That’s one voice I’m so happy I listened to as bringing our daughter into this world has brought more joy than I ever imagined.
For the past 2-3 years, I "heard" a voice in my head warning me that my dad wouldn't be around for much longer. He was in his mid-fifties and in good health, so there should have been no reason for me to think these things. On January 15th, 2010, he was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. He passed away on February 21st, only 37 days after diagnosis.
On this particular Sunday as i left my apartmaent I heard a voice inside of myself say," You need to take the scenic route. You need to go the long way around. Go down thru towm and over the mountain. . .

All the way up Foxtown Hill The voice is now scolding me. believe it or not I am being yelled at by it now! insistant that I should have gone the other way it now instructs me to make a turn at the bottom of Foxtown Hill that will bring me out onto Cherry Valley Road . . .

A bomb scare has been called into the Pennsylvania/New Jersey Toll bridge and it has been shut down. Every one on Route 80 East and West must now exit the highway and travel on 611 to bypass the bridge.I could not believe it. "Oh my God!" I exclaimed. "That is why I was told to take the long way around. That is why I was told to turn here on to this road."In gratitude I said "Thank you. Thank you for watching over me. Thank you for guiding me." Amazed at such a strong and powerful experience as this you can bet that now when the voice speaks I listen.
My dad was in hospital! His diabetic was erratic. This happened a few years back. After visiting him at the hospital, I was unable to sleep and so I settled down with a book. After an hour or so, I heard a tiny voice telling me to call up the night duty doctor at the hospital to checkout if my dad was ok. I shushed my inner voice and continued reading and nodded off. A little later, I suddenly woke up with a start! What was that? My inner voice was getting too loud and bothersome. So, I picked up the phone, called the hospital and asked the duty doctor to see if my dad was fine .Of course, I was sternly admonished that they do take proper care of the patients. Anyway, at least I managed to still my inner voice. I went back to sleep. The next morning I rang up the hospital to find out if my dad was doing well .Imagine my surprise when the duty doctor informed me, that because of my insistence they had checked him and because of an infection his sugar level had shot up and he had to be administered insulin injection right away or he might have slipped into diabetic coma! Till today I wonder about that persistent inner voice that night. That was probably the only time I had heard that type of an inner voice!

This set me thinking about the other side of the coin as well.

For instance, ex President Bush did smack the inner voice theory, if only for political reasons! He said that he really felt and believed in his heart that it was the right thing to go after Saddam Hussein and his inner voice told him so, in spite of the fact that his decision to invade was unjustifiable.

Surely all the terrorists are following their inner voice for revenge! We hear many criminals say that they heard a voice telling them to commit a crime! Psychiatrists say that such criminals suffer from schizophrenia.

Listening to Intuition
All of a sudden, something stopped me in my tracks. "Hey, notice us!" It was as if I heard a voice. I looked around behind me. Nothing.

It is tempting to ignore such voices. After many times of ignoring intuition with less than desirable consequences, I have learned to pay attention. Intuition usually leads one in a good direction.

"Yo, idiot," the voice continued, "Down here. Notice us!" Uncertain of what sort of rude creature I was dealing with, I looked around again. With certain mental misgivings, I leaned over and moved some of the leafy wild sarsaparilla and bracken fern at my feet, still not quite sure what I was looking for.
I heard a voice inside of my head....
This voice seemed to come out of nowhere and it said to me, "Go get your moles checked." I assumed it was referring to the little freckles on my arms, back and legs but I probably said to myself, "Whatever" and moved on with my day.

However, the voice would not leave me alone. Day after day, the voice grew louder and louder and more persistent.
So finally, I gave in. I said to the voice, "Okay! I'll go!" . . .

If I ever doubted the power of intuition, I will never doubt it again. Intuition saved my life! Thank God for that loud, persistent, annoying inner voice! I will be forever grateful.

In our own time are many folks like Bob Rice of Santa Fe, New Mexico, a former pastor who first began a healing ministry as a 26-year-old truck driver living in Vista, California, due to a startling locution. Raised a Baptist, Rice was a lukewarm believer and former Marine when one night he "heard" a voice speak to him in his thoughts. He took it to be God, Who gave him the name of a specific place he had never heard of. "The voice woke me up, and told me He wanted me to go to the 'Full Gospel Rescue Mission' in San Diego," claims Rice.

Unsure what to make of it -- and not one for mystical knowledge -- this young man tried to push it out of his mind until the "voice" spoke a second time on the same day. When that happened, Rice decided to do as he was told and headed with a friend to San Diego, where they looked in the part of town they thought might have a rescue mission.

It was the beginning of what turns out to be an astonishing journey, for they not only found a rescue mission but one by the exact name Bob had been "given"! (He is now a Catholic healer/evangelist.)
Has anyone ever heard a voice that warned them of danger, not voices that schizophrenics hear, but normal people who have in the past heard a voice that told them: "Watch out for...". I did once and it saved my life from a knife attack.
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 .yes when I was a kid I once thought I heard my Mom call me from down the street to come home. When I came home via riding my bike she said she hadn't called me.

The next day she had a dream that I had been hit by a car while riding my bike. To this day she thinks I heard the voice of God calling me home and that it prevented me from getting hit by a car... who knows.

All I know is that I heard the voice distinctly and no I am not crazy. =)

. . .
 .Not a voice but a "feeling of knowing". Here's what happened on one such occasion. Many years ago some friends and I were on our way to an outdoor concert. (Steven's Point 1970) I was driving with four other friends in my car. We had made a stop at a service station just off the highway. It wasn't a freeway, so when returning to the highway, we had to stop at a sign and wait for an opening in traffic to turn right onto the highway. While waiting, for no explainable reason, I felt I needed to move, and I needed to do it immediately. I couldn't go forward as there were no openings in the traffic, so I put the car in reverse and backed up maybe 25 feet. My friends in the car were asking what the &*%& I was doing. I stopped and faced forward in time to watch a semi veer off the highway, and pass right through the spot where we'd been sitting a second or two earlier. It drove over the curb, and plowed into a rise in the ground where the service station sign was mounted. The driver got out, as people from the station gathered around; he was OK. My friends were shocked and frightened, and asked how I knew; I had no real answer to that, I just knew I needed to move out of the way. We were all crowded into a Karmann-Ghia, a small car, had we stayed where we were, without question, the car would have been crushed, killing everyone. As it turned out, no one was hurt, and we all had something to think about; we drove for quite awhile in silence, thankful to be alive, and on our way to a great three day music festival
There was a time I fell asleep with my infant son (breast feeding). I was woken up by someone calling me. I heard what sounded like a little child's voice, it was young like my daughter's, but it sounded like a boy... It called to me, "Mom."
I looked up and all around the room, thinking I would see my daughter standing in the doorway. She wasn't there, and then I looked down, realizing that the thick comforter was over my infant son's head. I quickly removed it and checked him, to make sure he was ok.

Thankfully, he was.

I think somehow, my son's soul or some other soul woke me up to make sure that my son was ok...
How do you know for sure if you have physic abilities?..I hear voices sometimes telling me to do things,,not bad things..but one day I heard a voice tell me to fasten my seatbelt...I did what the voice said,,2 miles down the road I was involved in an accident...The seatbelt saved my life...Another incident was the timing of 2 family members death...I was just about to go inside their room (at different times) and a voice told me not to go in...a few mintutes later the nurse came out and said they had passed away....I would have not wanted to be in the room if they were dying..That's just a few things that have happened lately...It's getting to be scary...Am I lossing my mind or what?
For instance, in the late 1980's I lived on Whidbey Island which is part of the San Juan Islands north of Seattle, Washington. One typical foggy morning, I was driving alone down the two-lane highway which is the main north/south route for the island. Suddenly, I heard a voice yelling in my head, "Pull over to the shoulder! NOW!" Without thinking, I jerked the wheel and the car flew onto the road's edge. Within seconds, a fully loaded log truck, driving in my lane, came barreling toward me. It was passing another car as it raced to catch the next ferry and get off the island. The whole incident took less than five seconds. If I had not been plugged into my intuition, this seemingly mundane moment would have instantly turned.
While she was at the convenience store, she heard a voice that said “Play 7 9 0”.  She looked around and there was nobody near her.  The voice was not in her head, but clearly audible as if someone was talking next to her.  She thought it very strange.
All of a sudden, a voice came in my head. This voice was louder than any mental voice I have ever heard before, and I have never heard it since. It shouted, simply, "Slow down! NOW!" I immediately did so, and barely made the curve towards home. I was right on the edge of it, but I didn't go over.
While visiting my parents after their 50th wedding anniversary, they asked me to accompany them to visit a long-time friend who had a terminal illness. I had known Mr. Wilson as a child and had attended school with his children. While my parents visited with Mr. W., I went to the cafeteria, brought coffee for all and then it was time to leave. As I was passing by Mr. W’s hospital bed, I saw a flash of light at head of his bed and over his left shoulder. Simultaneously, I heard a voice in my head, “Tell him to prepare for death.”
Invention at night.
In 1845, Elias Howe struggled with the idea of how to make a machine drive a needle through two pieces of cloth, joining them together. One night Howe dreamed that he had been taken prisoner by a band of natives who danced around him with spears. Howe noticed in the dream that the natives' spears had holes near their tips. When he awoke and thought about the dream, Howe realized that, if the hole were located near the tip of the needle, the thread could be caught after it went through the cloth, and the sewing machine was invented.

Songs that came through dreams.
When Paul McCartney was filming Help! in London in 1965, he had a dream in which he heard a classic string ensemble playing and he awoke with a tune in his head. "I got out of bed, sat at the piano, found G, found F sharp minor 7th--and that leads you through then to B to E minor, and finally back to E. It all leads forward logically. I liked the melody a lot, but because I'd dreamed it, I couldn't believe I'd written it." The song that ultimately came from that dream was Yesterday.

Perhaps no good links ?
How To Hear God - Hearing God Speak Through Intuition
There are many ways to hear God. Intuition is one of the ways that God uses to speak to you.
Is Intuition Hearing God’s Love?
I’m well aware that the expression of intuition comes in many forms, i.e. gut feelings, visions, sensing when one decision is better than another without knowing why, etc. But the bottom line is that it is the communication of the Holy Spirit to us. Our sensing or “hearing” that communication is our sixth sense awareness.
We cannot s hear our intuition speaking if we do not learn to stop the chatter in our mind or find some quietness. Suggestion- shut off the radio, CD player and stereos when you are alone in the car or at home, so you can hear your inner voice better.


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