The scientific explanation to the supernatural, intuition and hearing voices


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Precognition, prophecy, seeing the coming future

See also Dejavu experience, because it's almost the same. You have seen a place in your dreams before.
Some aliens have managed to build this time-toy and can tell you about the future.

The science and physics do allow time travel
But very often demand that you have a black hole or neutron star in your neighbourhood for your time machine to work.
That perhaps also explains why only a few of the ETs have the precognition technology.

The machine becomes easier to build if there is only information but no physical objects travelling in time.

It's not the same technique used for communication as for sending information backwards in time. Which means two separate types of technology : Quantum communication technology and Time travel technology.

Also see the link : Time machines


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Precognition, prophecy, seeing the coming future
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