The scientific explanation to the supernatural, intuition and hearing voices


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Reading your mind

Can a machine read your mind?
It sounds like science fiction, but politicians, lawyers and advertisers are falling over themselves to buy into the latest scientific discovery: brainjacking. Soon our secret desires and not so innocent thoughts could become public knowledge. John Naish investigates an uncomfortable trend

The technology’s military potential is also being developed. Researchers at Honeywell Aerospace have created an EEG system that reads defence analysts’ brains as they examine spy-satellite photographs. Because our subconscious brains run significantly faster than our conscious neocortexes, a photo-analyst’s brain can unconsciously register a visual anomaly long before they may become aware of it.

Honeywell’s brain scanner issues an alert when it detects neural signals that show the analyst has subconsciously noticed something suspect. Bob Smith, the company’s chief of advanced technology, claims it will make spy-photo analysis up to six times faster, “helping the military keep threats out of harm’s way”.

Computers One Step Closer To Reading Your Mind
But he says the ability of machines to detect what someone is thinking is progressing with remarkable speed.

How Technology May Soon "Read" Your Mind
"And we found that we could identify which object they were thinking about from their brain activation patterns,"
"Who knows what you're gonna be able to read," Stahl commented. "A little scary, actually."

SOUTH Australian scientists have worked out how to read minds.
It reads brainwaves, bypassing the central nervous system altogether, and can ignore "background thoughts" and focus on thoughts that require action. The technology will one day allow people with disabilities to drive wheelchairs with their minds.

DNA and human behaviour
We are not created equal. The building instructions for a human brain is coded into the DNA, and we all have different DNA.
This is about the DNA-war betwen God and Satan.

Child brain scans to pick out future criminals
The seeds of criminal and anti-social behaviour can be found in children as young as three, scientists have claimed.

Our MRI scanners are stone age for the aliens.
And they use quantum physics instead which is more accurate, and work at distances of millions of lightyears away.
They are in your head now.


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