The Christian religion

A lot of people are visiting the church, but only a few of them have experience of "The Holy spirit".
They are there at the church for other reasons or because of tradition, and some of them do not even believe in God or Jesus.
Some are hard minded bad people, only trying to melt in among others.

The Christian religion have a split in two books. The old jewish book and the new book written by people inspired from the Holy spirit. A remotecontrolled feeling of connectedness in mind and love coming from an alien civilization.
The Christian religion is a zchizophrenic religion, because of the two books.

The jewish book is a book of law and of jewish history of war and robbery. And the Christian book is a book of zapper-dope-happiness and love. A book inspired by feelings, the language of animals and idiots.
People ruled by feelings are doing the most stupid things, love is blind, and angry people are throwing their TV out through the window, which they regret when the anger is gone and they want to watch fotball. Feelings are the language of idiots, and the language Satan prefer to use, because it gives him more power to remote control all these idiots.

The Christian religion is split up in people that want to kill prostitutes because of what is written in the jewish book. And others are softminded or have their head filled up with zapper-dope and are loving and forgiving sins, and prefer to do like Jesus when he saved a prostitute, in the second book. A schizophrenic religion.
Perhaps you should use an axe and cut the bible in two parts, and also split up the church in two.
Or perhaps some of you should become Jews or Moslems.

The only thing I can say is that we are not ready for the world of the Holy spirit until we have exterminated all the bad genes on this planet. There is no place for unlimited love for genetic garbage like robbers and rapists. Evil people that doesn't exist on the world from which the Holy spirit comes from. We are not ready.

And as i said people inspired by feeling are doing stupid things.
Like being too soft against bad people, or defending paedophiles like the Catholic church which have a lot of paedophiles among the priests. And Satan used the language of feelings to lure the stupid priests into paedophilia.

Compare to Islam and Judaism
If we analyze the Jewish religion, Islam and the Christian religion about how they contribute to the evolution going in any direction. We will find that the Jewish religion and Islam is the opposite to the Christian religion. The Jews and Muslims are fighting against robbers and crooks, while the Christian religion is about love and forgiving sins, and the priests have a duty to not call the police or disclose anything said by the crooks. A religion about protecting and defending bad people. And making the evolution go in the wrong direction.



Remotecontrolled feelings
What is wrong with the Christian religion ? And how did the Catholic church and some other Christian sects become a tool of Satan. Perhaps it is because it is a religion of feelings, the language Satan prefer to use.

The Christian religion is like a drug party with the real believers having the remote controlled Holy Spirit in their heads.
And also a lot of non believers visiting the church for other reasons, trying to melt in among other people in the community.
It's not a religion of law, and its all about having the dope of love and belonging together.
Happy feelings that make you naive and stupid, just like any other feelings.
If this religion claim to have any law then it is a borrowed jewish law. Moses law.
A law that is not compatible with the Christian religion.

If you really want to fight against Satan then you must use wisdom, not feelings.
And not use garbage like holy water, or other stupid things.
And you must learn to control your feelings, not be remote controlled and ruled by the feelings that Satan has put in your head.
That's what you should focus on, learn to control your head.



These house of glass friends feelings in your head is the main fuel of the religions, and few people come in contact with anything else. Others can hear Gods, demons, angels speak or show visions or predict the future. Or manipulate other senses. If you are a non-believer, then you know what to expect when the day come . . .
And if you are wise you know that they are the extraterrestrials that SETI is searching for.

And others are faking their religious experience and trying to sell you snake oil, or claiming to have powers . . .


The Christian religion is powered by remotecontrolled feelings of at least 3 different types.
1 The Holy spirit, interconnectedness in heart and mind, the same as described in the Bible.
And you will find it at the Pentecoastal movement and other free churches, but more seldom in the Catholic church.

2 The house of glass feeling, which have fooled many people from many different religions to worship Gods of stone and wood or fooled them to waste their time on shit. If it doesn't matter for this source of dope who is God, or what you worship then it perhaps is a scumbag source, like the CIA that tried to find something to use as a weapon.
And it is spread to all religions, even Islam and the Jewish religion.
This is the main source of remote controlled feelings in the Catholic church, with a lot of dope eyed people clasping their hands and *feeling* the holy power of worthless things, relics and holy water.

These house of glass friends feelings in your head is the main fuel of the religions, and few people come in contact with anything else.

3 The love or paedophile source of feelings. At first your head is filled with the same peaceful house of glass feelings. Then step by step your head is pushed and pushed and filled with love of children Which of course is not bad att all, but that's only the beginning. And then the small pushes from this same source step by step to think about to hug them and then step by step you are lured into the sexual trap and becomes a paedophile. The God of the Catholic church that have lured thousands of priests to become paedophiles. Source No 2 and 3 is Satan. And the Catholic church is obviously not immune.

And the sexual perversion is not unique to the Chatolic church, but is spread to many other Christian sects.
The source of your glass house or love feelings is not God or Jesus.
But it has the power to manipulate your feelings and thinking from remote, and knows what kind of candy and dope will fool you, and trap you.
You have been remotecontrolled and trapped through the animal language of feelings that Satan prefer to use.


Some other people claim that their brain is not working and have therefor decided to let a soft minded paedophile and dope addict in stupid clothing make all decisions for them. It feels so good to do so. But if you concentrate decision making power to a single person remotecontrolled by feelings instead of wisdom then you make it too easy for Satan.

Feelings is an animal language that make you stupid or naive.
And stupid feelings about love and belonging together make you naive and too soft against evil people.
And that's the trouble with the Christian religion.
Many of these Christian sects have been infiltrated by love dope addicts, being too soft against crooks, and behaving like a tool of Satan, making the evolution going in the evil direction, enriching bad genes and filling the world with more crooks and idiots.

Some people believe that Moses law is the law of the Christian God, but they are wrong.
It's not the same God.
And you have come to the wrong church if you want to hunt down robbers, rapists, paedophiles.
The Christian religion have become a tool of defending and protecting all kind of bad people.

If you want to kill paedophiles and rapist then you should perhaps become a Jew or Moslem.
And if you want to instead forgive their sins and not call the police and let them out on the street again then you should become a Christian. The Christian religion is about love and non violence and protecting all kind of people. And that's exatcly what the Catholic church is doing when hiding all the child molesters and paedophiles among the priests. And you still believe that this is the religion of God ?

I suggest that you use an axe to cut the Bible in two parts.
One part is the Moslems and Jewish Gods part, and the other part is the Christian Gods part.
Or use the Quran which is cleaned up from the stupidity about a chosen aryan people and the perverted use of a butcher shop as the house of God.

Or use your brain and keep away from all those sects, because all these sects are manmade constructions used as a tool of power that creates war and stupidity. God need no middle man. And he need no house.
The only rules you need is to behave in a way that makes the evolution go in the right direction, and beware of the camouflaged friendly looking front of Satan.
God and Satan are ExtraTerrestrials, and we need science, not religions.



How did the Catholic church become a tool of Satan ?

In the early days the Christians were hunted and killed, until a roman emperor decided to hijack the religion to use as a tool of power. Contrary to Jesus words and advice the leadership of the religion now begun wearing pathetic clothing, jewellery and bling bling and even a non believing man or an evil crook could become the leader of the church. It become a pure tool of power. The same is true to other christian sects used as a tool of power by kings.

A lot of killing and witch hunt in the name of Jesus, and also sabotaging scientific progress and becoming idiots in the name of Jesus. A frequent use of Moses jewish law to kill robbers, rapists, whores and witches. A lot of Satans evil people have populated these institutions. But now it has lost its political power and it has therefore become useless for crooks seeking power. These days most of the openly bad people have been replaced by soft minded dope addicts, or Satans HIV-infection. And now they work hard to hide and protect paedophiles, rapists, robbers instead of killing them.
The use of Moses law has ended. What a change in mind in Jesus religion.

Another reason for the evilness of the Catholic church (and Islam.) If you spread the words of God in languages that people do not undertstand like latin or old arabic , then it open up for corruption and perversion.
And that's one of the reasons for why both Christianity and Islam have become corrupted and perverted.



How did the Catholic church become a tool of Satan ?
The religions have always been hihjacked by kings and emperors, and used as a tool of power to fool and rule, and kill. Jesus told you to not wear pathetic clothing, gold or jewellery, but that changed when rich crooks hijacked the religion and founded the Catholic church as a tool of power.
From bad people you get bad ideas and evilness. Packed in Holy Jesus slogans and bling bling.

The Catholic church has lost most of its ruling power, except for idiots ruled by idiots.
Zapperdope-controlled nice and friendly looking people and priests camouflaged like a Satans HIV-infection are talking fine words of love and non violence, and forgiving all sins of rapists, robbers, murderers, paedophiles and give them a new chance by letting them out on the street to do more evil deeds again and again. Just as Satan want. Which will make the evolution go in the wrong direction, and fill the world with more evilness.

Perhaps they listened to the language of the animal, the language of idiots, feelings.
Which is also the language of Satan. And the brain was blocked out by the zapperdope-happiness.
The latest news is that about 200000 children have been abused by the paedophile Catholic priests in France.
Your friend in your head is not Jesus or God, but he can give you the candy you so badly want.
I have had them in my own head but never been allowed to fall into the trap. I know what I'm talking about.
Your animal feelings are played like a piano, step by step.
You will first get the happy Jesus house of glass friend in your head, which fills your head with happiness peace and love. And then after that a remotecontrolled thought is planted in your head that you love children and want to hug them, and then step by step new thoughts are pushed which will end up in paedophilia. Thats how your fake Jesus love feeling friend in your head are fooling the fools in the church of Satan.

No, the Catholic Church is not protecting against Satan or evilness. But they can change and become a tool of God if they clean out the bad ideas inpired by fools and feelings, and start use their brain.

And the No:1 rule of thumb is that the war between God and Satan is about genes and evolution. Which will guide you into the right path.

The trap to watch out for is Satans camouflaged HIV-infection. People that talk nice words of love and non violence and non-scientific bullshit about everyone being created equal. People that want to protect evil people instead of hunting them down. People talking about defunding the police. Politicians that claim to work for the benefit of everyone (always including highest priority for crooks). People that are fanatic about letting bad people out on the street instead of cleaning them out permanently. Perhaps you have been fooled to vote for some of those politicians of Satan. You deserve all the crime and evilness that you have voted for.

It is a Hollywood myth that Satan and the evilness look like a monster and is openly evil.
Satan is a clever guy that can fool you by camouflaging his evilness to look nice and friendly.
Satans most powerful evilness is camouflaged like an HIV-virus, which the immune system and idiots can't see.
Attacking and killing the immune system like an HIV-virus. And fooling it to protect and shield the viruses and evilness instead of killing.
Defending crooks and helping them out on the street instead of cleaning them out.
All these nice and friendly looking HIV-people are a tool of Satan.



If you are a Christian believer, them you know the time has come to cast Satan down to hell.
Which in reality means behaving in a manner that makes the evolution go in the right direction to exterminate the uncurable bad genes of Satans evil people. Which means that the Catholic church must be reformed, and satans remotecontrolled idiots and paedophile-priests must be casted out and replaced with people of wisdom instead of people of Satans remotecontrolled stupid feelings.

The No:1 rule is that the war between God and Satan is about genes and evolution.
Which is your main help to make the right decisions.
If a decision makes bad genes spread instead of becoming exterminated then it is probably inspired from Satan.



If you are an atheist with no previous experience of these strange things, then you know by now what is going on in the heads of all these people that you until now believed to be religious nuts and paedophiles. And know what to expect the day you yourself are hit with the power of God, or Satan or other extraterrestrials. Don't be afraid, and don't be fooled.

The borders on this planet should not be between races or religious sects, but instead between good people and Satans bad people. And it is about using sharia or peaceful wisdom to wipe out genes of bad behaviour, and make the evolution go in the right direction.




Links about the Christian religion
Make a visit to the nearest church ?
Perhaps the Pentecoastal or some other movement is better than the Catholic church, if you want the real stuff, "The Holy spirit" instead of Satans house of glass zapperdope.