This website is about all of your fellows in your head and mind, that you didn't know existed before.
Some call them angels, and others call them demons.

But they are in fact those extraterrestrials that SETI is looking for with their radiotelescopes.
And they are also responsible for your intuition, dreams and subconscious superpower.
The same intuition that 90% of the Nobel Prize winners say that they can't control, but randomly pops up in their heads with the solution to the problem they couldn't find a solution to themselves.
They are also responsible for the voices that about 3-5 percent of people hear talking in their heads.
They are also responsible for multiple personalities and other mental illness that the shrinks never have had any scientific thrustworthy explanation to. They are the explanation to how dowsing works.
These extraterrestrials are also the Gods, your guardian angels and demons that billions of people learn about from their religion.
The Gods, angels and demons that speaks to the prophets and inserts voices and visual views into the brains of the prophets with their extraterrestrial technology.

I have personal experience of all these strange phenomenon myself. And know more than any other human being about this subject. And I will later explain why, if you don't believe me.
The fact that I know so much, makes me the best person to explain the hidden fellows in your head, and superpowers that are available to you.
If you manage to read through these webpages you will become a new person, with a changed view about how the world works, and about your own thoughts and feelings in your head.


Let us begin with SETI, the scientists searching for extra terrestrial life out in the space.
And explain why they haven't found anything with their radios.
Let us begin with the Fermi paradox.

Italian physicist Enrico Fermi suggested in the 1950s that if technologically advanced civilizations are common in the universe, then they should be detectable in one way or another. (According to those who were there, Fermi either asked "Where are they?" or "Where is everybody?")
Because they should have been here long ago, already, if the equations are correct.

The Fermi paradox can be stated more completely as follows:
The size and age of the universe incline us to believe that many technologically advanced civilizations must exist. However, this belief seems logically inconsistent with our lack of observational evidence to support it. Either :
(1) the initial assumption is incorrect and technologically advanced intelligent life is much rarer than we believe, or
(2) our current observations are incomplete and we simply have not detected them yet, or
(3) our search methodologies are flawed and we are not searching for the correct indicators.


And the truth is alternative (3)
The correct indicators of the extra terrestrials are the supernatural and subconscious phenomenons.
The aliens have been here for thousands of years already, and they don't use radios.
You can't use radios to search for them if they don't use radios.
But instead they use quantum physics, and they are responsible for intuition, subconsciousness, hearing voices, demons, Gods, religion, dowsing . . .

And you have them in your head right now. Don't worry!
They are silent and for the most time only watching. Some are evil, and some are your guardian angels.
Under certain circumstances will they break the silence and speak with voices in your head, or take over your body movements.
They create the visions in your dreams, they are your subconscious mind, with the strange superpowers which the shrinks and scientists never have had any explanation to.

How does it work ?
They use a technology that are billions of years ahead of our own stone age science.
They can scan a human brain and insert electric currents with high precision, from billions of miles away.
Which means that they can read your mind, and they can remotecontrol anything in your body by inserting electric currents in your brain.
Anything in your brain and mind that exists as electric currents can be remote controlled.
Your hearing, seeing, thinking, feelings, body movements can be scanned and remote controlled, if they want to.

And this explains all the strange supernatural phenomenons like intuition, the superpower of your subconsciousness, hearing voices, telepathy, remote viewing, precognition, dowsing, God, Angels, Demons.
All these phenomenons are remotecontrolled. And you just have to draw the lines between all these phenomenons and realize that they are interconnected and have the same one and only explanation. There are no mutilples of different phenomenons, it is just a single phenomenon of remotecontrol from ET, that explains everything of it.

They are the Gods, Angels, Demons, Satan, Klingons, superpower of your subconsciousness, extra terrestrials, or what ever you chose to call them.
They really exists!
And this is perhaps the first step in your changed view of how the world works.

I have collected a lot of links from the web in which people tell us about their own supernatural experience, (etxra terrestrial experience).
It is about hearing voices, intuition, dowsing, demons, religion, remote viewing, precognition, telepathy, schizophrenia, multiple personalities.
And all of these phenomena have exactly the same and only extra terrestrial explanation as you read about above.
These people have no supernatural power of themselves, and they are not sick, and most important, they have no explanation to how it works.
The explanation to all these phenomenons are the one that have I explained on this webpage.
I know, because I have had all of these extra terrestrial fellows as guests in my mind. And I got a mission from some of them.

To make them visible to you.


It is very important to make them visible, because of the warfare that some of our neighbours have launched against us.
It's my duty to do the job how annoying it ever feels. And it's your duty to help.

You can help by reading through this website, Try to understand what you read.
Watch the links that I have collected from the web about people describing their own experience of these phenomenons.
And help spread the message to everyone.

There is a war.
There is a war going on between those who want to inform about their existence, and those who want to hide this topic and sabotage and obscure everything under a cloud of darkness.
Since it is a warfare in which the enemy can inject all kinds of feelings and thoughts in your brain, you can not trust yourself. Does this writing sound crazy, do you have the feeling that this is written by a maniac, is it your own feelings and thoughts ?

And the purpose of that warfare is to keep you away from doing the important job. The job of exposing the truth.
Your head will be remotecontrolled to make you lazy or feel extremely tired, or inserting thougths about something fun to do instead.
I can't blame you because I have been too lazy for many years already and it is a hell to push myself to do the job.

And I can't blame SETI for having these Extra Terretrials in front of their noses, and still can't see them, because of the remote controlled warfare in their heads.
No bell will ring in their teflon-heads heads even if you talk to them about this subject or point your finger where to search.

As soon as we make the extra terrestrials visible, the evil ones will lose the war.
Because people realizing that they are remotecontrolled will not be as easy to remotecontrol to do evil deeds.
People will try to resist. And they will begin analyze everything they do and find their own mindfellows. And be awakened to a new world.



There is no reason to feel shame about this topic since many scientists and nobel prize winners have been guided by this remotecontrolled intuition to do the right experiment and conclusions, unaware of the fact the the thoughts and clever thinking that popped up in their heads in fact was remotecontrolled by ET.
I will later show some examples of how famous scientists have been guided by intuition, thougths that just by no reason pops up in their heads. Inserted into their brains by alien extraterrestrial technology.
There is also no reason to feel shame on this topic since it is the explanation to the God that billions of people believe in.
But it can give some feelings of shame to also connect this matter to those crazy "freaks" in mental hospital.

This website will link to all the clues and footprints of extraterrestrial interference on this planet earth.
Which means that we have to connect the dots between religion, psychology, intuition, paranormal activity, science.
All the links that you see on this website is to the footprints of extraterrestrial interference.
And I advice you to have in mind when you read, that its about ET that can scan and analyze your brain and manipulate any thougts and feelings in anyones head.


We are all remote controlled

Absolutely all people are remote controlled in different degrees of activity, but they are not aware about that, because they have never wondered about wherefrom all thoughts, feelings and impulses that pops up in their heads are coming from.
And you can read about how to find your own demons on the dedicated webpage.

The remote controlling is usually camouflaged to pretend to be our own thoughts.
Only in extraordinary cases do the aliens break the camouflage by starting to babble and fight in peoples heads, or by remote controlling someone near you to know about what you believed until then was your personal absolute top secrets.

The fact that the aliens know all your shameful perverted secrets can scare some people.
But also remember that perverted evil deeds can be forced upon you by some aliens.

In fact the situation is more complex than God and Satan, because the aliens civilizations consist of more than two alien beings.

And if you want to understand the conflict between God and Satan for 100% then you must include genetics and DNA, and a theory of processes of enrichment or extermination of selected DNA-programmed animal personality.


I believe that I have to write something about myself to help guide you into the right conclusions.
And to help you against sabotage from some of these aliens that want this topic to be hidden.

I myself need no proof in this matter since I already know the truth by my own experience.
I have had my own experience of precognition (seeing the future), intuition, and all those glass-house fellows that are responsible for those religious dope addicts. The happy feeling fellows that religious people have in their heads. But I must say that I am not religious, and I mistrust some of these alien "fellows".
My view of the Gods is that they are Extraterrestrials. So I know that they exist but I am not religious. Pure scientific view.
Unlike anyone else i dont just believe that God exists. I know that the Gods exists. But they are not what you think.
And there are more than just the Gods out there. Extraterrestrials all of them.
I can hear them talk in my head and I can speak to them. I cant hide from them, and neither can you.
Its just like in the Bible where the Gods and angels can insert voices and visual views in your head.
Some of them are friendly and some are evil.
Some of them want me to inform you about their existence, while others want to hide the existence of ET.


The big experiment !

The main purpose of this website is to do the easy scientific experiments that proves that ET exists.
And by that, will the real explanation to all these supernatural phenomenons be proved. And ET has become visible to you.
And after that will your view about how the world works change for ever.

You can read all these webpages one by one, or go directly to the last webpage about the experiment.
You can try the easy experiment yourself together with your friends.
It is an experiment about telepathy in which the good extraterrestrials act as a satellite, and you and your friends act as a transmitter and a receiver. And a message is to be transmitted, that can't be explained as anything else than that there is extraterrestrials moving the message from head 1 to head 2. Which proves that they exist.

Two different types of experiments are available today, colored cards with symbols, and a webpage ouija-board.
Read the instructions and have fun, and be prepared to not shit in your pants when the extraterrestrials pop up in your head.