Satan and evilness and how to exterminate.

I believed this website to be finished, but are now pushed hard by some ET to come back and put more strenght and add the writing of this webpage.
It will repeat the same topic again and again because it is inspired by remotecontrol from many different sources, and maybe there is a reason to not care. And stop editing, because I have also become too old and too tired to clean up and edit everything inspired from the flood of too much information from all these extraterrestrial guests in my head. And now have to instead focus on the launch button before it is to late.
They have wisdom and are not affected or blinded by Satans warfare as humans are. But produces a lot of thoughts and writing. Perhaps too much.

I hope that nothing inspired from Satan leaked through.


Satan's remotecontrolled HIV-infection

Can people behave like an HIV-infection ?
Can people be remotecontrolled by Satan ?
The answer is yes. And Satan uses them as a mouthpiece and weapon against us.

The immune system are all those hard minded people that want to follow God's advice from the Holy books about doing the clean up work by exterminating people which have bad genes and therefore behaves in an evil manner, like rapists, robbers, murderers.

The HIV-infection is attacking and killing the immune system, with slogans like "defunding the police". Or want us to be too nice against crooks, letting the crooks out on the street again and again and again and again. . .
And is camouflaged with bullshit about human rights for murderers, robbers, rapists and has also infiltrated the Chatolic church, and noone is immune.
We can identify them by their typical unscientific bullshit about everyone being created equal, and that violence is always wrong.

No immune system can function and work if everyone is created equal and if violence is forbidden !
Everyone claiming the unscientific bullshit that everyone is created equal and that violence is always wrong is an HIV-infection. The same people are working hard to hide the truth about evolution and genetic cause of evil behaviour. We also have the unscientific left wing socialist religion about blaming *everything* on social factors.

The world can only get rid of the evilness if the evolution is going in the right direction.
And the evolution can only go in the right direction if the immune system is working.
Therefore it's your duty to behave in such a way that the imune system is working and the evolution is going in the right direction. The war between God and Satan is about making the evolution go in the right or wrong direction.
And that's the clue that shows if someone is a tool of Satan or not.
Sometimes camouflaged to look harmless nice and friendly, to fool you.

A working immune system kills all shit with violence, (especially the HIV-infection) and there is no half work done. Always killing, because thats the only way to make the evolution go in the right direction, No viruses, bacterias or shit-genes should be allowed to survive, because if we allow it to happen then the immune system have failed and the shit is still spreading and surviving.

And an immune system can't do its job if everyone is created equal, because then it can not any longer see the difference between good and evil people. Can't see the difference between the bodys cells and attacking viruses and bacterias. People that don't want you to see the differences between good and bad people are hiding the truth and attacking the immune system just like an HIV-infection.

Therefore all bullshit about everyone being created equal and violence being wrong is inspired from Satan.
And is the sign of a person being Satans mouthpiece.

People that you belived to be nice and friendly are in fact camouflaged evilness, (political correct politicians) Satans mouthpieces.
Satan is a clever guy to have fooled you all.

We got the good advice from God in the Torah, Bible and Quran to kill murderers, robbers and rapist.
But have failed to do that because of Satans HIV-infection. And the price we had to pay is that we have not got rid of the evilness.


I can't claim to be chosen by God to give you the following advice, because I don't know who is God of all these alien beings. But I have been pushed very hard by some of them to give you the following advice.
Write down in your Holy books that people that behave like an HIV-infection should be hunted down first at highest priority. Because they are the root of all other evilness in the world. No other advice in the holy books are of that importance.
That will bring an end to the evilness in the world. Because it will make the evolution go in the rigth direction.



But it will hard to push through all the necessary killing of bad people. Necessary if you want the world to become a place where there are no bad people anymore.
It will be hard to win any votes for politicians that want good people start killing other people.
That's why we have this non-violent alternative of sending all bad people and their soft minded HIV-playmates to their own playground. Send them to an island for selfdestruction where they will kill, rob and rape each other.

There is no evilness against good people or any violence from good people or anything wrong in this solution. And it will be easier to push through politically.
And at the same time the rest of the world will become zones where no bad people or crime exist.

Why have this solution not been done before ?
Perhaps because of the power of Satan to make you blind. Blind to the best and most obvious solution.


repetition . . .


You have had ET in front of your noses for a long time, and still you couldn't see them.
Shame on SETI.
And the question is why and how have the brains of clever scientists and intelligent people been blocked from seeing the truth for so long?
And are there more obvious things that are hidden in a remotecontrolled cloud in your head ?

And there is in fact something more hidden that have to be unveiled, because it will make an end to the evilness in the world.

The camouflaged evilness in form of remotecontrolled nice and friendly people talking about non violence and peace and forgiving all kind of sins. Remotecontrolled people acting like a HIV-infection, defending evilness and evil people and helping them out on the street again and again to rob, rape and kill. Working hard to make the evolution go in the wrong direction.
You have all heard about Darwin and evolution, but still not made the right conclusions.
The evolution did not end a million years ago, it is still running, and some of Satans remotecontrolled fools are working hard to make the evolution go in the wrong direction, to fill the world with fools, evil people, crime and destruction. Some of these Satans remotecontrolled people have even infiltrated the Catholic church and other religious sects, and you can't trust them to protect you from evilness.

Robbers and rapists should not be allowed to come back into the society if you want the evolution to go in the right direction. That's the advice from the Holy books, advice from God himself. No excuses, no loopholes.
Should you listen to the fools and paedophiles of the Catholic church or to the words of God from the Bible

Only Satans remotecontrolled fools want bad people back on the street. That nice and friendly camouflaged evilness that have fooled you. You have to begin analyzing the world in terms of genes and evolution instead of animal feelings to come on the right track, and make and end to the evilness in the world, by working hard to make the evolution go in the right direction.
When the genes of robbers and rapists are exterminated by the evolution then they will not come back again.

The world will become peaceful and no war anymore if you extend the evolutionary fight against those corrupted prostitute heavy egoistic people that lacks empathy and are the cause of war, crime, corruption, slavery and treason.

In short:
You have to exterminate people that acts like a Satans remotecontrolled camouflaged HIV-infection, to make the evolution go in the right direction. When the immune system works again it will clean out the rest of the evilness in the world.

Can people be remotecontrolled ?
The answer is yes !
And Satan uses them to sabotage our world.

All those too nice and friendly people are at the top of every to do list, because it is about reparing the immune system. The immune system is always a top priority and should be defended and protected at all costs.
And people behaving like an HIV-infection and attacking and destroying the immune system should always be hunted down at the highest priority.

People behaving like an HIV infection is not the solution tho evilness in the world, even if they want to fool you to belive that.
They are in fact the root of evilness that makes it possible for evilness to exist and spread.
They are like a HIV infection that kills the immune system and makes it possible for all kinds of bacteria and viruses to survive and spread.
If you attack and destroys the root of evilness, then the evilness can't survive anymore.
If you kill the HIV-infection, then the evilness can't survive.



There is only one point on the list !

A lot of people live in an illusion that there is hard work to do and multiple points on a list to fulfil to exterminate the evilness in the world. But they are wrong. There is only one point.

Attack the evilness at it's root !
By exterminating soft minded people which behave like an HIV-infection.

An HIV-infection that attacks and kills the immunes system, and helps viruses bacterias and genes of evilness to spread instead of being exterminated by the immune sytem.

A softminded immune system is not an immune system at all, and can't exterminate viruses, bacterias or evilness. If the immune system does not work then the evolution will go in the wrong direction in which viruses, bacterias and genes of evilness spreads. You must att all cost protect the immune system.

Exterminate softminded people that behave like an HIV-infection.
Exterminate people that behaves like a life line that help evilness to survive and spread.
Exterminate Satan's softminded mouthpieces.
That's the only point you have to focus on.

Because the rest of the work will be done automatically by the immune system when it is repaired.
And the immune sytem is repaired by exterminating the HIV-infection, Satans softminded mouthpieces.
Fulfil just only one point on the list, and then sit back and rest in your chair and see the repaired immune system do the rest of the job.

When the immune system is repaired, there is noone left that want to be soft against evil people, noone left that want to let rapists and robbers out on the street again. Noone left that want to help evil people spread their evil genes.
And the life line (Satan's softminded mouthpieces) that helped evilness to survive and spread has been cut off.
And the evolution can at last begin go in the right direction, in which evilness will be exterminated.

There is only one point on the list!

If you miss that only important point, then traitors that help evil people out on the street again will sabotage any work you do. If you miss that one single point, then you also have lost the war against Satan and evilness.
And that's a sin in which you did not listen to God's advice and therefore have created your own punishment.
The punishment of evilness in the world is caused by people themselves that do not listen to God's advice.

The advice from the Holy Books is that rapists, robbers and muderers should be killed, and not let out on the street again.
But did we stupid animals listen to God's advice ?
Or to Satan's softminded mouthpieces ?
Satan's HIV-infection.

There is no point in arresting robbers, rapist or muderers if you allow softminded traitors to let them out on the street again. It's a waste of time.
You must begin focus on how to stop and exterminate all these softminded traitors and camouflaged evilness before you spend any time on other types of crooks. You must focus on the root of evilness. The single important point.

Therefore the new addition and advice from God, to exterminate Satans softminded mouthpieces.
And that will do the miracle of causing the evolution go in the right direction, and we will at last get rid of evilness.




If you clean out all the manmade introduced garbage from the Holy Books and also dump the secterian split, then the message of importance from God himself that remains is to exterminate robbers, rapists and other types of genetic garbage.
To behave in a way that makes the evolution go in the right direction. Good advice from God himself for our own good.
But we the human animals and idiots did instead listen to the animal language of feelings coming from Satan and from his softminded mouthpieces.
And that's why we still have war, robbers and rapist in our society today.

Another famous genetic advice from God from the Holy Book is:
You should not allow prostitutes to live among yourselves, because only bad people visits prostitutes.
And bad people will bring criminal activity to your neigbourhood.
And if any children are produced they will have the same bad genes, and spread it into the future.
Until you say stop and acts like an immune system and put an end to the spread.

And we know it's true because of the decline in crime in statistics when abortion become free.
Abortion of unwanted bad genes from crooks and prostitutes and paedophiles, and rapists.

Free abortion and the hunting down of prostitutes both make the evolution go in the right direction.
But free abortion also help stop the spread of bad genes from paedophiles and rapists, and can't be counted as cruel or violent if we compare to the killing of prostitutes.

That's the reason for the advice from God in the Holy books about hunting down prostitutes, it's about genes and making the evolution go in the right direction. It's all about genes and evolution.

Another win from listening to the advice and wisdom of God from the Holy books is that keeping homosexuals, prostitutes and their customers away from your society is that you will get rid of superspreaders of all kinds of sickness like, chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, rabies, HIV, hepatitis and countless other types of illness. . . And also get rid of seducers that can't keep themselves away from other mens women, and the unwanted bad children with bad genes that are produced by them.
Listening to the advice and wisdom of God from the Holy books will keeep you healthy and save you from crime, and also make the evolution go in the good direction.

And at last the new and most important message which you can't find in the Holy books.
Wipe out soft minded people that behaves like an HIV-infection.
Soft minded people that attacks and destroys the immune system.
Wipe out and exterminate softminded people that help bad people out on the street. Softminded traitors that have prioritized to help crooks out on the street instead of protecting their neighbours from being attacked by the same crooks. Softminded traitors that help bad people spread their bad genes into the future to create more crime and crooks on the streets. All these softminded people are a camouflaged evilness, and are the mouthpieces of Satan.

The world is big enough to split up in different areas for good and bad people to live in.
And will make it very easy to find a peaceful solution for making the evolution go in the right direction, without any unnecessary violence or killing. Just send all crooks and softminded traitors to an island, where they can live in peace or kill, rob and rape each other.
Don't forget to send Satan's softminded traitors there, or else humanity will get a stab in the back in the future.



About free abortion and people fighting against it.

Free abortion is a less cruel alternative to the advice in the Holy books about exterminating whores.
And is more effective at making the evolution go in the right direction.
And making the evolution go in the right direction is then main goal of God's advice. Nothing else.
The crime will go down and bad people will exterminate themselves.
And the question is why do some lunatics fight against abortion, when the people they claim to hate are exterminating themselves ?

Perhaps we can say that babies created from pure animal sin and lust, instead of from love of children, are very often Satan's children. And free abortion fixes that trouble, but also make Satan and his remotecontrolled mouthpieces very mad and angry. Because free abortion is a dangerous threat of extinction for Satan's power and people.

Some of them become so angry that they forget about their main argument from a moment ago (abortion is murder bla bla bla), and their true Satanic evil intention and hypocrisy shines through when they want to kill anyone aborting away Satan's children of sin and crime.

All these Satan's remotecontrolled people claim to defend something important. And now you know what and why.
Fooled and remotecontrolled by Satan's animal language of feelings, and lack of God's wisdom.

What about the Catholic church, the main obstacle against abortion ?
If you analyze the Catholic church about its evolutionary characteristics then you will find that it has for some remotecontrolled reason, become optimized to enrich fools and crooks. Spreading and enriching genes of fools and crooks. And it is about a remotecontrolled warfare from someone evil that want us to be stupid and rob, rape and kill ourselves. A tool of Satan.

Stupid weak people which listened to the language which Satan prefer to use (feelings) have helped Satan infiltrate and transform the church into a tool of Satan.
But the church can change and become a tool of God if they want to, instead of a church of Satan.
Clean out the garbage, fools and paedophiles, and begin listening to God's wisdom instead of the Satan's animal language of feelings. Especially clean out fanatic non violent people that behaves like an HIV-infection and protection for evil people and the churches own paedophiles.

Weak people can't fight against Satan. They have lost the war before it even started. They are no match.
A real fighter can use violence when necessary. If not then you are not a fighter.
And if you are not a fighter then you can't fight against Satan. And you can not represent God.
You are not worthy !

If you can't fight and can't use violence then you are not even capable of protecting good people against crime from evil people. You are a useless fool, unworthy of representing law and God.

Fanatic non violent people are no fighters, and very often they are a camouflaged tool of Satan, helping Satan to shield and protect evil people. Helping them out on the street to rob, rape and kill.
Clean out all fanatic non violent people which behave like a mental HIV-infection. Or else Satan will win.
People that always want to protect robbers, rapists and paedophiles, are Satan's people.
And they should be hunted down at highest priority. They should not be allowed to live among civilized people.

You only have to look att the cesspool of south America to see what a mess you get if you let the HIV-infection and tool of Satan in form of the Catholic church destroy a people. Massgraves and extremely high crime rate and a gang infested hell and extreme corruption. Enrichment of stupid poor people.
The Catholic church is not a tool of cleaning up this Satanic mess, it has become a tool of Satan to make it worse. With the blessing of the church of Satan, the crooks are let out on the street.

Mr Trump (former president of US) is right, keep the flood of bad people from this genetic cesspool out of US.
Satan with the help of his softminded mouthpieces has sent this genetic garbage to destroy your nation.
Disarm the tool of Satan, that want you to be weak against bad people.

There are many different people and cultures on this planet, and some of them have higher crime rates than others.
For example some people and cultures for some "obvious reason" have steelbars in their windows, and don't live on the bottom floor. And they will have more work to do to clean out bad genes and purify their gene pool.
People with a genetic heritage from these cultures are more prone to become involved in corruption, criminal gangs and organized crime.
And their bad genes have spread to south of europe where we can find mafia, and to south America which has become a cesspool and gangland full of crime and corruption. And has now spread to the peaceful north of Europe which never before have seen soo much crime and gangs. Sweden is a good proof of the fact that the high crime rate is caused by import of bad genes from bad people and cultures, nothing else.
And now some softminded weak people want more of them to come to the US. To give you more cultural enrichment ?

People that do not respect locked doors or borders is also an indication of bad genes, burglars, thieves and no respect for the law. And you get an enrichment of bad people if you allow softminded traitors to let them in.

There is no place for racism. Use your brain and start filtering. Let good people in, and throw bad people out. Satans weak people do not care about filtering. Because if they do, they can't help Satan's bad people in.

And the filtering should be about genetic personality. Not stupid thoughts about helping crooks and bad people stay because they risk their life if they are thrown out.
Only let good people in, and throw out bad people with no mercy.
And you should not allow Satan's softminded weak people and traitors to do the decision. And should not even do the mistake to allow these Satan's remotecontrolled traitors to live among you.



Remotecontrolled clouds in your head.

The existense and tracks of ET have always been in front of our eyes, but remotecontrolled smoke have been put into our mind to manipulate and hide the truth.
The scientists at the SETI know about the prophets and God written about in the Bible and also know about all supernatural phenomenons of today. But anyway their senses and thinking have been blocked from making the obvious logical conclusions. And they insist on wasting their time on radios and still live in the illusion of that there are no tracks or evidence of ET. They can't see the elephants dancing in the room.
But that's not the only remotecontrolled smoke in your head.
Smoke has been laid out to hide the genetic cause of the evilness in the world, and smoke has been laid out to hide the most powerful camouflaged source and root of evilness. And you can't see this camouflaged evilness until you begin analyzing the world in terms of genes and evolution.

War, robbery rape and other evilness will be exterminated only if you attack and exterminate this camoflaged evilness. Evilness camoflaged to look nice, peaceful and friendly.
Evilness that distorts the evolution to spread bad genes. Evilness that help robbers and rapists survive and come out on the street again.
Everyone too nice and friendly idiots that work hard to help bad genes out on the street and help these bad genes to spread, must be exterminated, together with their own bad genes of Satanic power.
There is no other alternative, because those too nice and friendly idiots are uncurable and acts like an HIV-infection that attacks and destroys the immune system, and help all kind of evilness to spread.

The camouflaged evilness is the root of all evilness. And is the only thing you have to kill to make all other types of evilness dissapear. Because the evolution will begin go in the right direction as soon as the too nice and friendly idiots are exterminated. Because after that there is noone left that want to be soft handed against evil people anymore.
You have to kill the camouflaged HIV-infection to repair the immune system, and it can then begin doing the genetic clean up work. The too softminded people are the HIV-infection, used by Satan.

Conclusion, the evolution can only go in the right direction after that.



What is God and what is Satan ?

Satan are the extraterrestrials that want to sabotage our planet and future.
Gods are the ones that want to help us. A very simplified explanation because there are uncountable extraterrestrials, which is also incompatible with the myth of only one God. Or only one Satan.
And they can all read and remotecontrol your brain and insert thoughts and feelings without you even knowing from where it originated. And you have not had any reason to wonder before about from where some thougths and feelings in your head are coming from. Because you have always lived in an illusion about being in control of your head.

From Hollywood can we learn the myth that Satan is always an openly evil creature with horn on his head, looking like a monster, killing and doing evil deeds.
But that,s not true.

Satan is a clever guy that attacks on two fronts, and camouflages his most powerful evilness to look nice and friendly. And the sneaky evilness that looks nice and friendly is what you must watch out for.
Evilness that protects and shields Satans evil people from being wiped out.
Evilness that attacks and kill our defence and immune system like an HIV-infection.
Satans remotecontrolled nice and friendly people talking about love and peace and non violence as an universal tool that makes the world become a paradise.
And hiding instead of telling the truth that evilness is mainly a genetic problem.

And the evil thing these Satans nice and friendly mouth pieces are doing, is to shield and help bad genes to spread and exist among us forever.
The war between God and Satan is about genes and evolution. A war about defending or exterminating good or evil genes.
Watch out for people being too nice and friendly and too fanatic non violent.
Watch out for people that want to let uncurable evil people out on the street, being to nice and friendly against robbers and rapist. Talking too much about human rights for crooks. Or talking about defunding the police.

Satan prefer to use and remotecontrol people that he can use.
And there are two categories.
1 People that can do the openly evil deeds.
2 People that can shield and protect the openly evil people and kill the immune system, the nice and friendly looking evilness.
And the people in the middle are not usable for Satan because they are not evil enough or not softminded enough. None of these too evil or too soft minded people have any future. They should be wiped out genetically if we want a better world.

Some of these Satans remotecontrolled people have managed to infiltrated the church and political power.

In some nations for example, it is prohibited by law to tell the truth that someone is a paedophile or rapist. And we have the GDPR law created by the same Satans politicians that always work hard to hide their true Satanic work of protecting Satans evil people behind bullshit about protecting the integrety of law abiding people.
See the truth about Satans remotecontrolled soft minded politicians that behaves like a Satans HIV-infection.



A red flag should be put up in the air.

Don't be too fast at killing or deporting people. And do not let idiots make the decision.
The law should not be stupid as a train on a track.
For example it is not always a crime to kill a person. A murderer for example. Or if you kill anyone in selfdefence.
And the evolution will not go in the right direction if it enriches lazy people which never do stupid or risky things, like building machines that can fly. A world full of enriched lazy apathetic lobotomized peaceful idiots is the wrong way. A world full of peaceful nuts that can't use violence or defend themselves is also the wrong way.
And people can be remotecontrolled with thougths and feelings to do evil deeds, but that should not always be an acceptable excuse, because people which have empathy have the brakes and genes against doing evil deeds. Use your wisdom and statistics and let it take time to make the decision.
Is there any hope ?
Should we give this person another chance ?
And most important. how is the evolution affected.
And no stupid feelings should be involved in this decision, Only the collective wisdom of as many people as possible gathered together in making the decision. No single person should be allowed to make this important decision alone about another person.



Evolutionary political parties
Another possible tool of making the society better.

There are many types of political parties, but almost everyone is ruled by woke Satanists pretending to have good intentions with being softminded against bad people and bad behaviour. Is there at all any exception ?
All populated with Satan's installed softminded fanatic non-violence-people claiming to work for the benfit of everyone, which includes crooks, rapists, robberers, paedophiles.
Pacifists and love dope addicts, with stupid ideas about everyone being created equal, and to never use force or violence against hooligans and looters.
These fanatic softminded Satanists claim that violence is always wrong, and is the reason for why looters and gansters are dancing ont the street.

Left wing parties for example have made into a party-religion that bad behaviour is caused only by bad education and social factors. Which is a pure Satanist view of how the world works. And also the reason for why left wing parties never will solve the trouble of crime in the society, but instead recycle the bad genes back into society. The scientists know that it is about genes, but these stupid and deaf teflon headed left wing fools still insist on their stupid party religion.

Right wing parties at the other hand are filled up with corrupted greedy egocentric people with the only intention of grabbing or stealing the power and filling their own pockets and their friends pockets with money. Prostitutes trying to fool you to believe that they are working for you, trying to fool you that they are working for the benefit of good people.
We have greedy prostitute parties and we have parties with a stupid softminded Satanic ideology.

For people of the Holy books, a party with pure evolutionary intention is a better vote.
It will fit both Christians and Moslems and other religious sects without causing religious split or fight.
The goal is to make the entire society evolutionary, make the evolution go in the right direction.
To help God with his genetic and evolutionary plan of transforming our world into a a paradise.

And it should take into account that people are created different. And hunt down any Satanic lies about everyone being created equal.
The goal is to make genes of bad behaviour disappear and become exterminated.
To listen to the advice and words of God from the Holy Books, on what to do to make the world become a paradise.

The name of the party should be "The Evolutionary Party" to remind everyone of the supreme goal of making bad genes dissapear, and make the evolution go in the right direction.

It is also possible and easy to use computer software and internet to spread the power, and by that make it impossible for bad people to steal and concentrate the power, or to misuse and dictate bad and evil decisions.
Also evaluate the possible use of artificial intelligence, because it has the advantage of decisions being made very fast instead of waiting many years for ordinary lazy and stupid politicians.

To avoid chaos, You should only let people in that have proven that they are worthy, into becoming a permanent member of the party core.
No softminded fools, no greedy egocentric people. It is about genes of bad people that should be kept away.
Let in active and intelligent people that have the gift of thinking hard, and finding solutions for the benefit of the people.
Keep the average lazy people out from the inner party core membership. Because the party work becomes dead if only 0.1 % of the members are active. Average people are too lazy.



A warning.

The time has come to cast Satan and his evil people down the bottomless pit for extermination.
Or in other words to exterminate all the bad genes that make the world evil, sick and ugly.
And it can be done by violence or by God's peacefull wisdom.

If you choose the violent way, then there is risk of everything being hijacked by Satan's bad people and witch hunters. And there is no rewind button if you do any mistake.
And it becomes too cruel for good people to do the job carefully. And there is a risk of the job not being done 100% correctly.

Use God's wisdom instead and do the clean up work with peaceful tools.
The world is big enough to split up in different areas for good people, and for bad people.
Send the bad people and their softminded defenders to an island, where they will exterminate themselves because of their own evil genes.


If you want to support the fight against Satan, then the most powerful thing you can do is to spread the message from these webpages to as many people and friends as possible. Mobilize the biggest army to fight against Satan.
And they will help do the experiments that proves that God and Satan are extraterrestrials and do exist.

A lot of people visit the church but do not believe in God, they are there just to melt in and mingle.
And they live in the illusion that God and Satan do not exist and are fairy tales for religious nuts in the church. Prove them to be wrong !

Satan's power is lost as soon as he is made visible, and can't hide his existense and war anymore.
Satan is one of those extraterrestrials that want us to fill upp this planet with genetic garbage and also pushes people to do evil deeds, use drugs, or commit suicide.
With the help from God and good extraterrestrials can we make Satan visible and destroy his power.




Links about exterminating evilness