The scientific explanation to the supernatural, intuition and hearing voices


The human brain


The Human Brain has about 10^18 Tubulins and 10^11 Neurons:
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The first detailed quantum model of consciousness was probably the American physicist Evan Walker's synaptic tunneling model (1970), in which electrons can "tunnel" between adjacent neurons, thereby creating a virtual neural network overlapping the real one. It is this virtual nervous system that produces consciousness and that can direct the behavior of the real nervous system. The real nervous system operates by means of synaptic messages. The virtual one operates by means of the quantum effect of tunneling (particles passing through an energy barrier that classically they should not be able to climb). The real one is driven by classical laws, the virtual one by quantum laws. Consciousness is therefore driven by quantum laws, even if the brain's behavior can be described by classical laws.

One of the strongest proponents of a theory of consciousness founded on Quantum Theory is Roger Penrose in person, one of the leading British physicists of our times. In his opinion, consciousness must be a quantum phenomenon because neurons are too big to account for consciousness. Inside neurons there is a "cytoskeleton", the structure that holds cells together, whose "microtubules" (hollow protein cylinders 25-nanometers in diameter) control the function of synapses. Penrose believes that consciousness is a manifestation of the quantum cytoskeletal state and its interplay between quantum and classical levels of activity.


Classical Physics can't explain consciousness

Many attempts have been made at explaining consciousness by reducing it to something else. To no avail. There is no way that our sensations can be explained in terms of particles. So, how does consciousness arise in matter?

The American physicist Henry Stapp holds that classical Physics cannot explain consciousness because it cannot explain how the whole can be more than the parts. In Quantum Mechanics, on the other hand, the relationship between the parts and the whole is completely different. Stapp therefore advances a "quantum theory of consciousness".

All contemporary Neuroscience is based on classical Physics. No surprise that it derives a view of the brain as a set of mechanical laws: that is the "only" view that classical Physics can derive. No surprise that it cannot explain how consciousness arises, since there is no consciousness in classical Physics.

No wonder most neurobiologists reach the conclusion that Physics cannot explain consciousness, since they are using a Physics that 1. was designed to study matter and leave out consciousness and that 2. does not work in the microworld. Not surprisingly, it has been claimed that all current neurobiological models are computationally equivalent to a Turing machine.


My own opinion based on my own experience of aliens trying to push me here and there by manipulating my mind is :

A big part of peoples consciousness and personality is a creation in alien (God's and the klingons) computer software.
The consciousness and personality can be manipulated like playing on a musical instrument, by aliens using quantum physics.
If the nerve is already there, it is simple as creating an electric signal in the nerve. And most people would not even wonder where that signal came from.
Peoples different animal DNA personality or brain structure is a deciding factor when different aliens are choosing people to remote control.
Because if you want to remotecontrol anyone to kill someone, you would not choose anyone with a pacifist chicken personality coded into the DNA. Because the kill-instructions is in conflict with the animal-NO, and the animal seems to be the stronger.
Most aliens pretend to be your consciousness and personality. Because it keeps you quite and unaware of being manipulated.




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