The big experiment !

If you have read all the previous webpages and understood what you read, then you know that the extra terrestrials are already here, and in your head right now.
And you also understand that you don't have any superpowers within yourself.

A name borrowed from a CIA scumbag experiment about using supernatural powers as a weapon against Soviet Russia.
But from now the name STARGATE is instead the name of an experiment about communicating with the stars and extraterrestrials, and the name of an experiment to prove that they exist.
And are responsible for your intuition, hearing voices, supernatural powers, dreams, demons, guardian angels and God himself.

Show respect !
And don't ask them questions about topics that must be hidden because of any warfare out there.

The experiment is only about proving that the Extra Terrestrials exist.
Nothing more.
I myself already know the truth, but it must be proven to everyone by an experiment that can be repeated by anyone.

And when that has been proven it will be easier to also connect the dots and make the conclusion that the extra terrestrials are responsible for intuition, hearing voices, precognition, dreams, Dejavu, dowsing, remote viewing, telepathy and all the superpowers of your subconsciousness.
And are also the explanation to the Gods, Angels, Demons in all religions.

This alien technology can be explained as being developed to help communicate by telepathy on some alien worlds. And some of them have allowed us to us to use it as the superpowers which we can find in our subconsciousness.

The technology they use can scan your brain and also insert electric currents to remote control any signals in your brain.
Which means that they can insert voices, feelings, thougths, visions, and also remote control your movements.

My experience is that they have different strength and prefer to communicate with different senses. Voices, visions, feelings . . .
Some of them will speak with the voice of thunder while other are like an almost not detectable whisper.

If the most powerful extra terrestrials have had any intention of showing themselves to everybody, they would already have done that by screaming in your ears.
Which means that we should perhaps concentrate on the weaker voices or weaker remote controlling of our senses.

We know that the most powerful (Gods voice of thunder) and demons decide by themselves when to pop up or cooperate. Or be almost always absent.
While the whispering voices responsible of dowsing and Ouijaboard seem to be always active.
Which tells us that we should focus our experiments on the whispering voices.
Experiments of type dowsing and ouijaboard.


Why do some of them communicate with so weak signals ?
It can be because of weaker technology, or because they want to make you believe that you have the power within yourself to hide their existense. Or because they have to be silent because of warfare.
Counter measures against sabotage and warfare must be included in the experiments. If possible and if necessary.

A lot of scientists have made similar experiments before, but with the wrong intention.
Experiments in which they want ET to fool them to believe that people have the superpowers within themselves.
Or experiments with the purpose of searching for a weapon that can be used in warfare to kill people.
Did they deserve any help with their experiments ?

People which already have the gift of communicating with the spirits need no experiments, and know by now the explanation to their superpower. And can help spread the information of these webpages.
And you which have no experience can try warm up by reading the webpage about how to find your own demons. And will then be ready to do the experiments.
Or will find the spirits within yourself and need no more proof.


Dowsing experiment !

Dowsing is perhaps what we should focus on.
The fact that dowsing exists is perhaps because it is developed as a wireless telepathic help system which is spread among many civilizations in the universe.
And the reason for why the signal levels are so weak (compared to loud voiced Gods and Demons) can have many explanations. It may be because it is damped with distance, or because there is a reason to hide because of warfare and sabotage. Or other reasons.
Dowsing seems to be a system which is always active and running if we compare to Gods and demons which decide by themselves if they want to be active and speak and cooperate. Which means that a higher probability of success if we use dowsing in our experiments.

The experiments can only work if ET cooperates, which means that you have to make sure by advertising to ET so they can see it. And compared to earlier similar experiments made by CIA SRI you must know that noone on this planet have any supernatural powers within themselves. You must plan your experiments according to that.
And don't do new stupid SRI-like experiments in which you ask ET to fool you to believe that people have the power within themselves. Don't ask stupid questions, and show respect for the fact that you will not get answers to all your questions because it is about sensitive security for ET. And we are not worthy of all the answers yet before we have cleaned out all the scumbags on this planet that will misuse every knowledge.

The only purpose of the experiments are to prove that ET exists.

All experiments can be sabotaged, and we can try countermeasures like doing the experiments at larger scale with multiple channels. And try find people that matches each other in telepathy experiments.
People which cooperating ET have better connection to, compared to sabotaging ET.

And we can use statistical mathematics to find weaker signals, for example a mean value of multiple samples. And use computers to do the work.


We can try experiments of the dowsing type.
1 In which ET sends a message to you.
2 Or in which ET is a satellite in a telepathy experiment with a sender and a receiver.

But we should focus on experiments about telepathy, using ET as a satellite.
Transfering data from sender to receiver. Because that is a type of experiment that can be protected against people trying to fool us.

As a curiosity I can tell that many years ago in the old days, I did an experiment trying to find out if I had any superpowers within myself.
And why not make benefit and try earn some money if I am a superman. So I rigged up a computer and a printer and made a program that used mathematical methods to create a meanvalue of multiple computer mouse samples and then print out the bet on a matrix printer
And I made up the rule that to not sabotage anything I should not look at the printed paper until after.
And then after I understood why the girl in the betting shop looked at me like I was a pervo.

These puzzle formations of "X" was the extra terrestrials way to tell me that I was on the right track.


So what is dowsing ?
Dowsing is when you use a mechanical device to amplify the weak remote controlled motions coming from the extra terrestrials.
To find water, to find pipes or cables or to find gold or anything else.

And if you understand what dowsing is then you know how to make it more sensitive.
By using a computer and a computer mouse.
And with the potential to filter out noise by mathematical filtering.
In it's easiest way by taking a mean value of many experiments.

To make it even more sensitive we can replace the mouse button with something more sensitive.
A fotocell or touch button, or a more sensitive mechanical button.

But at first we will try experiments in which everyone can participate.
A simple computer with a mouse, and a set of different types of programs written in JavaScript on a webpage.


What can go wrong ?   And what can we do to help the experiment ?
ET must be available. The experimenst will work only if ET is cooperating.
And you must advertise to ET when and where the experiment is.
And what the experiment is about.
And there is a risk of sabotage from other extra terrestrials.
ET must be able to communicate with you, and there is no guarantee for that everyone is fit for the experiment.
In satellite experiments, both the sender and receiver must be compatible with ET.
If you eat wrong food it will open up for the saboteurs, or break the firewalls.

The more people involved in the experiment the more resistance against sabotage.

If we are doing satellite experiments (telepathy), then the first experiments can be about to search for people which are compatible to each other and to ET. Perhaps by asking ET themselves to send a message about that, or by other types of experiments.
And try improve the resistande against sabotage by using multiple senders and receivers in parallel.



Tools for the experiment:

Let us first begin by looking at an ancient tool and later describe how to use a computer and mathematical algorithms do to do the same job, but more sensitive and more powerful.


The ouija, also known as a spirit board or talking board, is a flat board marked with the letters of the latin alphabet, the numbers 0-9, the words "yes", "no", occasionally "hello" and "goodbye", along with various symbols and graphics. It uses a planchette (small heart-shaped piece of wood or plastic) as a movable indicator to spell out messages during a seance. Participants place their fingers on the planchette, and it is moved about the board to spell out words. . . .

Spiritualists in the United States believed that the dead were able to contact the living and reportedly used a talking board very similar to a modern Ouija board at their camps in the U.S. state of Ohio in 1886 to ostensibly enable faster communication with spirits. Following its commercial introduction by businessman Elijah Bond on 1 July 1890, the Ouija board was regarded as an innocent parlor game unrelated to the occult until American spiritualist Pearl Curran popularized its use as a divining tool during World War I

The Ouijaboard is in fact not a tool to only speak with the dead or to speak with their spirits. Even if wikipedia make you believe that.
It is a tool to communicate with the extraterrestrials. A tool used to speak with your silent mindfellows in your head.
But they can work as a satellite to make it possible for you to communicate with other people through time and space.
Because they can with their technology connect to everyone simultaneously. Telepathy explained.
The Ouijaboard can also be explained as a special case of dowsing, with a better tool that makes it possible to send messages instead of only Yes and No.

You need no Ouija-board these days since you can use a computer screen and a computer mouse to do the same thing.
And you can use the computer to amplify and make it more sensitive by doing some calculations about mean values to filter out noise. In other words more powerful and sensitive with a computer. And it's possible to also make the mouse button more sensitive by some modifications.

And we should use the computerized tool in our experiments.
It's a question about writing the software and organizing the experiment.



Type of experiments:

There are 3 types of experiments that can be done.

1 Direct message from ET
2 Use ET as a satellite and send a message from point A to point B
3 Experiment that finds matching senders and receivers for the satellite experiments

Type 1 experiments have the disadvantage of people trying to fool us.
That's why Type 2 and 3 experiments are a better choice.

It is easy to claim that you can talk to the extraterrestrials or spirits, but why should anyone belive you ?
Because that's just only messages which other people do not know from where they originated from. You can have invented them, and it is possible that someone says that it is because of your mental illness. How to prove them to be wrong ?

We need another type of experiments to really prove the truth.
And that's why we shall focus on experiments about telepathy. In which ET is as satellite which relays information from point A to point B.

And when we finally with good luck have proved this "spooky action at a distance", the unbelivers and scientists will have something to explain.
And Satan has then also lost a big part of his power because he has become visible.





The software
This is the first generation of software, and will be improved later.
These Ouija boards are intended to be used on a 1920x1080 size screen. Or else you will perhaps get scroll bars and trouble seing the entire board or other problems.
Use the keyboard F11-button to toggle full screen.


Ouija-board 4, move mouse only, no clicks
This is the best choice because you need not think about who should click the tiny mouse button. Perfect for multiple users. Equal in functionality to the original Ouija-board.

Ouija-board 2, keyboard type, move mouse and click
Only for users with very good connection to the extraterrestrials.

Ouija-board 3, click only, no mouse moves, very slow
This is the most sensitive, but very slow, and intended to be used with a modified more sensitive mouse button.

Connected web network type of ouija-software will be constructed in the future, if necessary.


You can download and run these html webpages offline, but then have to download the cursor eye picture above and save to the same location, or create your own 64x64 size cursor. Or do nothing and let it be a default very tiny arrow.
If you are skilled enough to change the Javascript code in the html-file, then you can add special characters for different languages. Edit the refstr and edit the html character for the buttons.


The Ouija-board is a tool that you can use to communicate with the extraterrestrials. Or spirits if you call them that.
They are constantly scanning your head and know all about what you are seeing, hearing and thinking about.

You can use the Ouija board to ask them questions.
But it will only work if and when they cooperate. And if you show respect and don't ask stupid questions.

Come close together with your friends and put your hands on the same and only mouse and move it around and see if you get an answer to a question.



User Manual

Mean value filter: If the number is greater than 1, then the selected character is a mean value of this number of multiple clicks.
The mean value filter is used to filter out noise and sabotage, and make it more sensitive. But it will take more time to get an answer.
If two or more characters have the same number of clicks, then the first one of them from the keyboard is selected.
EXAMPLE If the value is 10 and you click GG DD NBN BNB then both B and N have three clicks but B is selected.
But normally only one character is selected by ET, and will be the only with multiple clicks.


Synchronization help for ET
In order for ET to be able to help or cooperate it is necessary to edit and advertise and show this information. The bigger the better.
If it is a telepathy experiment in which ET is a satellite, then you must show all necessary information about sender and receiver, place and time.


Do telepathy type of experiments.
I want you to give highest priority to telepathy type of experiments instead of only asking questions.
Because it is about proving that extraterrestrials exist, and to make Satan visible and lose his power.




Final words

Our most intelligent scientists and you yourself can have the traces of extraterrestrials and pink elephants dancing in front of your eyes, but still can't see them, because some extraterrestrials do not want to be seen. And they have the technology necessary to manipulate your brain and fill it with fog and stupidity. And we can say that they have managed to do that.

All traces have always been visible very clear in front of our eyes, but still noone have connected them together to make the right conclusion, Because our brains have been blocked.
Not even SETI which claim to be searching for extrarterrestrials have had ther brains working.

Now we know how traces of extraterrestrials look like. Extraterrestrials with a science and technology millions of years ahead of our own.

They can make the simplest task feel ten times boring and disgusting than the mental pain of children forced to read a book of math. They can with their technology stimulate the nerves of discomfort or uneasiness in your brain if you do something they do not want you to do. Or manipulate your feelings and the conclusions you make from reading this text.
They can push you to waste your time on anything else, for example to think too much about sex and drugs.
Or push you with negative thoughts to commit suicide or being locked in with a diagnose.
Or push you or anyone else to create a deadly accident to get rid of you.

But now the time has come to unveil the truth. For anyone who have the courage.
Time to mobilize everyone which want to help do the experiments described on this website.

Are you worthy to make the stand, can you resist the remotecontrol from the extraterrestrials which manipulates your brain to keep away. Are you worthy of taking up the fight against Satan.
Satan is one of those extraterrestrials which can do his evil deeds and work more effectively if we are unaware of, and believes that his existence is only fairy tales for religious nuts in the church.

Are you worthy and do you have the courage to take up the fight against Satan ?