The scientific explanation to the supernatural, intuition and hearing voices



From Wikipedia :
The term subconscious is used in many different contexts and has no single or precise definition. This greatly limits its significance as a meaning-bearing concept, and in consequence the word tends to be avoided in academic and scientific settings

In everyday speech and popular writing, however, the term is very commonly encountered. There it will be employed to refer to a supposed 'layer' or 'level' of mentation (or/and peception) located in some sense 'beneath' conscious awareness -- though, again, the notion's dependence upon informal 'folk-psychological' models that remain vague means that the precise nature and properties of this 'underlying' layer are either never made explicit or possess an ad hoc quality. At different times, references to the 'subconscious' as an agency may credit it with various abilities and powers that exceed those possessed by consciousness: the 'subconscious' may apparently remember, perceive and determine things beyond the reach or control of the conscious mind. The idea of the 'subconscious' as a powerful or potent agency has allowed the term to become prominent in the New Age and self-help literatures, in which investigating or controlling its supposed knowledge or power is seen as advantageous. The 'subconscious' may also be supposed to contain (thanks to the influence of the psychoanalytic tradition) any number of primitive or otherwise disavowed instincts, urges, desires and thoughts.


My own definition :
The subconscious is the part of your personality and mental power that is controlled from remote by aliens.

Intuition is only a tiny part of this subconsciousness.
And hearing voices (or multiple personalities) is a special case in which your subconsciousness guests can't keep their mouth shut and therefore becomes a part of your consciousness.

As you know from wikipedia, the subconsciousness has far greater power than your consciousness.
And now you know the reason.


Some of these subconsciousness guests are perverted evil creatures.
Zapping your mind with sadism or sexual perversion or evil advice.
Or pushing you to consume drugs and bad food, or even committing suicide.




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