The scientific explanation to the supernatural, intuition and hearing voices


Hearing voices

About 3 to 5 percent of the population can hear voices babble in their heads.
It is intelligent conversation, but sometimes singing or talking bullshit, and can involve multiple voices. Some are hostile or lying to you and others are friendly and helpful.
Sometimes these voices are barking and fighting each other.( Like on the talk page )


From Wikipedia :
The Hearing Voices movement can be said to have been established in 1987, by Professor Marius Romme, a social psychiatrist and Sandra Escher, a science journalist, both from the Netherlands, with the formation of an organization for voice hearers and others interested in this phenomenon

In 1997 a meeting of voice hearers and mental health workers was held in Maastricht, Netherlands to discuss developing the further promotion and research into the issue of voice hearing. The meeting decided to create a formal organizational structure to provide administrative and co-ordinating support to the wide variety of initiatives in the different involved countries. The new network was called INTERVOICE (The International Network for Training, Education and Research into Hearing voices).

INTERVOICE is critical of psychiatry in relation to the way the profession generally understands and treats people who hear voices and holds that their research has led them to the position that schizophrenia is an unscientific and unhelpful hypothesis which should be abandoned, (Romme, 2006).


Facts :
Psychiatry can't explain hearing voices.
And can't explain multiple personalities or schizophrenia.
But they can speculate about it, but not find any trustworthy explanation or cure. 


  • Hearing voices is not in itself a sign of mental illness.
  • Hearing voices is experienced by many people who do not have symptoms that would lead to diagnosis of mental illness.
  • Romme cites demographic research including studies by A. Y. Tien, (1991) and Eaton W.W. et al. 1991) indicating that hearing voices in itself is not a symptom of an illness, but is apparent in 2 - 4 % of the population (some research gives higher estimates) and even more (about 8%) have peculiar personal convictions, aka delusions, and do so without being ill. His own research has provided further verification of this.
  • 70% of voice hearers reported that their voices had begun after a severe traumatic or intensely emotional event, such as an accident, divorce or bereavement, sexual or physical abuse, love affairs, or pregnancy.


The hearing of voices is documented through history, and can't be declared as insane if you think about the fact that Jesus, Mohammed and other people from the Holy Books heard voices speak to them. And also the U.S. President G Bush says he heard God speak to him,( but he is the exception,  insane.)
And since hearing voices have the same source of origin and explanation as intuition, and Nobel Prize Winners are affected, it is clean to speak about it.


The voices are not like zxzsss gnirk hello sxxxcshhh, no random babble, no hissing sounds.
The voices are intelligent conversation about what is happening nearby and about what you are thinking about.
And can include advice about what will happen in the future (precognition capability).
Some of these voices can be hostile and lying to you, others will help you.

These voices are remote controlled from alien civilizations, and if the SETI and NASA scientists have any brains they will begin to investigate it.




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