My own experience and research

They are keeping a low profile, and pretend to not exist.
And they like to zap you with small impulses that pushes you in your daily life.
Impulse that are small enough to keep you unaware of their existence, but still strong enough to make you follow the intended path.

We have been remote controlled for thousands of years.
Some of these aliens are evil and others are good. What else to expect since they have the same type of creational history.
The evolution creates animals, animals with animal behavior. In other words scumbags like the CIA and the U.S. president and politicians.
People who think that it's OK to kill other people or use them as slaves. Installing dictatorships and crooks at the power. Pathologic egoism.
Perverted creatures, sadists. Or chickens with the HIV-personality.

Some of these aliens are helping us up, while others are sabotaging everything.

As I said they will keep a low profile.
Until you step on their toes or do something that is very important for our future.

And it can be both positive or negative, helping or sabotaging.

What I did was trying to develop software to spread the political power from those corrupted politicians to the people.
And in that moment the hell started in my life.

My career that had until now gone straight upwards was sabotaged by all kinds of remote controlled idiots popping up and sabotaging everything.
No more fine jobs, but instead all kinds of dirty jobs where I was exposed to health hazards. Trying to kill me the hidden poisoning way.
It was to obvious that people were remote controlled, because it couldn't fit in any statistical way.

Since that day there was not the same hidden type of communication with the aliens.
And I have been zapped by uncountable number of visitors, or in other words all of your demons and Gods.
And tried everything from nirvana to zapper-dope.

Acts 4:32
"And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of one soul".

That's the truth, and it is not a poetic fabrication.
Or as the scientist would describe it, creating a link between everyone's brains and mind by using quantum physics.
The only bad thing is that it doesn't fit on this planet until all genetic garbage is exterminated. And you will wake up from this dream as soon as someone hit your face and steal your wallet.


The democracy software

startup2.jpg (20226 bytes)
Startup window with the holycopter picture.

Because of the resistance from some of these evil aliens I was curious about their origin and read everything available about spirits demons and the Holy Books.
And also heard about the holycopter described in the Bible. And decided it was my second target to also make the evil aliens visible to everyone else because I knew they were responsible of much of the evilness in the world. Their hidden war against us is lost as soon as anyone make them visible.

That's why I created this holycopter picture from AutoCAD 3D, 3DStudio. And inserted the picture of the Bible's holycopter in the program window.
The program was ready for release in the autumn of 1999.


By AMD's K7-advertisement I learnt to know about Nostradamus just after I had released the program on the 20th of August 1999.
I didn't even know that there was a prophecy on this program before that date.

Original French: (in rhyme)
L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois.
Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy d'effrayeur.
Resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois.
Auant apres Mars regner par bon heur.

In the year of 1999's seventh month.
From the skies will come a great king of battle.
Resuscitating the great king of Angel-me.
Avant apres Mars regner par bon heur ? (This is about the holycopter.)

The picture of the holycopter was put into the programwindow long before that date because I have had the intention to write about the brain-zapping on my homepage for years.
The reason for why I want to write about the brain-zapping is that I have had a lot of trouble with "Stinky" and some other creatures, and I feel that these evil bastards need to be put in focus because of what evilness they represent. The problem is that these creatures have the power to manipulate peoples feelings and thinking by zapping, and they will therefore try to make me look like a maniac.
The odds are against me.

Resuscitating:  In this case making something visible and you aware of. Which is exactly what I was doing.
Make the extra terrestrials visible. The great king of Angel me.

"angel me" ? Nostradamus just got this message from this Angel and he had to invent this word to get the original french rhyme "angelmois" "mois".
If you study Nostradamus writing then you will find that there have been a lot of misspelling and distortion to the original text through the years.

MARS is the name of the God of war.
"King of battle". These type of drones have since then been used in many wars.

July was not the seventh month in Nostradamus days, in the year of 1555. Today Sept=7-ember is the nearest by name and August is by time of year.

I also had a plan to build a holycopter, and had bought all parts, motors, batteries, but there was a heavy battle in my head that I think that "The King of Angel-me" perhaps lost ? Because I never built it and the parts are still on the shelf.


This is not the only message I got from these fellows. My local zapped bus-company put up some poetry to give the passengers something to look at.
"The armada of angels have been mobilized to make the invisible visible, and it's not a day too late."
(Poem by Magnus Malmsten on a bus-time-table.)


So what happend ?
People are 100 percent remote controlled and democracy is a dead horse.
That's verified by others since then.
Every democracy project have died. Because people are pathologic absent.

There are thousands of conference programs available on the web, but not any complete democracy program.
Why ?

And I realize that what happend is that I somehow tried to change history and stop one of Satans preplanned wars since thousands of years ago.
And that's why I got all those remote controlled maniac zombies running after me.
I smoked out the devil from his hiding.





I don't believe in ghosts and ectoplasm bullshit. But here is something that needed an explanation. A scientific explanation.
And it doesn't fit under what the scientists call electromagnetism. It is something else.
And this something else has been going on for thousands of years.

The only thing we know is that peoples brains can be remote controlled.
Someone can measure and generate electric currents in the nerves.
Or manipulate anything else in the brain construction to do the job.

If it is the alien civilizations then it must be without delay. Because it is real-time communication without delay at the distances of light-years away.
The speed of light is therefore not any limitation for them.
And the only thing that fits is for the moment is quantum physics and nonlocality.

The trouble is far worse than SETI think.
Because some of these aliens don't want any proof of their existence to come out.
Because that will destroy the power of their hidden war against us.
If people become aware of that they are remote controlled then some of them will try to resist instead of following the stream.


Experiment, zapper receiver

I tried to build a machine that could be zapped by the aliens, and an experiment that could be repeated and verified by independent teams of scientists.
With a hidden coded message, that takes time to unpack and check, and therefore is difficult to sabotage.
Another point is that a machine can be trusted since it has no own will and doesn't try to joke or fool you.

n2.jpg (24918 bytes)

n4.jpg (14837 bytes)

The experiment is very sensitive since it can detect single electrons. Because every electron is amplified through an avalanche effect in a high voltage electric field of about 10 kV.
And the signal is feed to a computer doing the analyzing.

So far I have found nothing.
And some aliens say that they can't zap surfaces or gas molecules, it must be solid matter. Perhaps we should do some research on structures in which electrons can tunnel, like in a human brain, and how it can be remote controlled through quantum physics?

I leave it for the future to do new experiments with these machines since I believe that some of these aliens are trying to fool me to waste my time on worthless shit.


And other aliens are still giving me messages through unwitting people believing that they have a free will, but in fact remote controlled.
For example look at the next picture of a bottle of cyanoacrylate glue that I bought.

zapagap.jpg (26480 bytes)



My recommendations to the scientists is to do your work on the thing we know work.
Experiments on a human brain.

And that's why I wrote the program below that let you use a computer mouse in your receiver experiments.
Cheap and simple.

I know they can remote control my fingers since I strike the keyboard like remote controlled by a demon.
So why not your fingers ?

And all you have to do is use the mouse as it is or rebuild it and connect to a home made switch of any type.
For example a photocell. (sensitive enough to also detect the smallest movements)

In these experiments the only goal is to prove that the zapping exists.
Don't ask stupid questions since the aliens can't answer all your question for tactical reasons.
There is a war going on in the galaxy, and why let the enemy know things they shouldn't know.

The experiment is a question of transferring information from point A to point B.
Or if the aliens want to speak freely, let them talk themselves.

A to B experiments :
You need a group of voluntary senders. All they have to do is sit in a room and look at the information to be transmitted.
What actually happens is that the aliens scan their brains.
Add some kind of synchronizing information, place, time, date.

Another group of voluntary receivers can sit and click on the mouse. Or a more sensitive photocell.
Give them the same synchronizing information to look at.

And don't forget to advertise about your experiment.
And show the aliens the encoding you use.

And try find through experimenting which sender and receiver is tuned in to each other, which means: can be remotecontrolled by the same ET-satellite.


Why all this ?
Well I know that the aliens speak freely to me, but that is because there is no sabotage anymore since I know the truth.
That is not the case for your experiments.
Which means that your experiments perhaps will be strongly sabotaged.
You should prepare for sabotage until break through.

Similiar ESP experiments have been made before, but with the wrong intention.
Because the scientists asked ET to fool them to believe that people had supernatural power within themselves.
What to do when stupid scientists ask ET to fool them ?
Now you have to do new experiments with the correct intention, and with the new knowledge you have from reading this webpage.


This is a standalone EXE, it will run as it is. (Windows)
project1.exe  Right click and save on your HD
unit1.txt  Right click and save the source code on your HD
mouse.htm More informatio about coding

These files have been deleted because I myself or other people will create new programs in JavaScript that you don't have to download, and can run without risk in your web browser
The new programs will be published on the webpage about "The big experiment".

zapexpr.jpg (9650 bytes)



I must keep it short and will end without telling you everything.
You can have some help from knowing that the zapping is affected by what you eat and drink.
Keep away from coffe, chocolate, vanilla, alcohol, ice-cream and sex if you intend to fight against Satan.
The explanation is simple, some of the aliens don't want to watch pornography, and your brain activity is affected by drugs.
Eat wrong food and that will open the door for Satan to remote control or scan your brain.

A word about why you should not eat pork.
If you are fighting against Satan or are doing any other work of equal importance.
Then some of the extraterrestrials will stop helping you if you eat pork.
Show respect for pigs and make your own intelligent conclusions.
It has nothing to do with pigs being dirty or polluting your soul.
If you eat pork then your shield and protection against evilness is significantly reduced.


The pictures below show how drugs affect the zapping.
And how the aliens see the brain through their zappers.
Different good and evil aliens prefer different types of brains because it changes the power and control of that brain.

alcoani.gif (1353 bytes)

Alcoholic brain.
The thinking parts almost sleeping.
And the animal parts still active.
Easy to zap with stupid animal behaviour.

normani.gif (1454 bytes)

Normal brain.

coffani.gif (1756 bytes)

Caffeine brain.
Firework of signals makes it easier to track and zap.
This is the remote controlled zombies brain.

deadbr.gif (971 bytes)

Dead brain.
Not visible for some of the aliens.
Dependent on what level of science they have.




Update to this webpage 20 years later:
As you perhaps remeber from above:
"This is not the only message I got from these fellows. My local zapped bus-company put up some poetry to give the passengers something to look at.
"The armada of angels have been mobilized to make the invisible visible, and it's not a day too late."
(Poem by Magnus Malmsten on a bus-time-table.)"

"Resuscitating the great king of Angel-me."

It sounds like I got a mission from someone (God), which I haven't finished yet.
And now more than 20 years later my life is coming to en end, and I have to do this last important job.
It won't be easy because of the resistance and warfare in my head and in your head from Satan.
This warfare and other busy things in my life have kept me away from doing my duty in the last 20 years.

But it is also your duty to help mankind win the war against Satan or the Klingons.
You can do it by help spreading the message from this website.

My goal is to break through Satan's mental wall in the teflon-heads of those stupid remote controlled people at SETI and other scientists to read these webpages and do the right experiments to unveil the truth.
Or ordinary people to do the same experiments. At the same time find your intuition and guardian Angels.
If I'm lucky Satan will lose the war. For the best of mankind.

I want you all to do the experiments as I will publish on the webpage about: 
"The big experiment!"