The scientific explanation to the supernatural, intuition and hearing voices


Gods and demons

Gods and demons are limited to manipulating your mind, and can't move things around.
They can't make stones jump, but they can zap your brain with a vision about that happening.
Or remote control someone to throw a stone. Or zap you to be where the lightning will strike.
That's the limitation of quantum physics.

Read the Holy Books and see how the Gods and demons work.
But the religions are mixed up with lies and holy junk that you must filter out.

Because some aliens are evil and want us to be superstitious rattling and splashing fools.
These aliens prefer to zap with feelings. Feelings of the holiness of worthless garbage.
And is the reason for the Bibles repeated smashing operations against the heathens temples.
And the reason for all those religions of the world where the idiots sits and enjoys the holy glass house zapper-dope.
And believes in superstitiousness and magic relics.

God's wisdom is in the form of good advice, how you should live and act against crooks and different types of perversion.

Gods, demons, angels, spirits are different synonyms used for the same thing.
Aliens that remote control your mind through quantum physics.


Exorcism :
Is not specially limited to the Christian religion.
And demons don't care about your magic holy water or Jesus or whatever.
But they can be forced out by someone with a stronger zapper, or pretend to be casted out in order to fool you to believe in religious superstitiousness.
Or leave you when they become bored about that rattling, splashing, singing idiot you have become.

The trap is to call everything demons, and to try to cast out everything.


The Gods, demons, spirits and angels and klingons sees everything, and know all your little secrets.




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