DNA and religion

New science will very often have consequences.
Bad and Good.

The good is that in the future you need no smartphone, because you will be in telepathic connection with people and the world.(internet telepathnet)
And need not worry about battery charging, or creditcards.

The bad thing is that this will also give evil people to much power to misuse.
You do not want the CIA or the crooks in the government spying in your head and inserting their evil brainwashing thoughts.
And ET don't want more evil CIA or wannabe-Satan spirits to sabotage the heaven.
We must show that we are worthy the power of Gods and demons.

We will not be allowed to the next step before we have done the clean up.

Which means that it's time to do the clean up which perhaps is written about in the Bible.
Throwing Satans people down in hell , put them on the barbercue.
But of course in a peaceful way, no killing or jailing. Just clean up the human gene pool from the animal DNA-shit that has caused so much evilness.

What is the war between God And Satan about ?
This question will lead us into the right decisions.

It's about genes and evolution.
This question will show you who is speaking with the voice of Satan and who is speaking with the voice of God.

Satan want to make the evolution spread bad genes, robbers, rapists, murderers, evil people.
God want to make the evolution only spread good genes and exterminate bad genes.
At the end there will be no evil people or evilness left if the evolution goes the right direction.

Evil people have their evilness in their genes whatever leftist socialist-religion tries to deny it.
And therefore the punishment by death in the Bible for evil peoples crimes, which makes the evolution go in the right direction, and make our world become a peaceful paradise.
It should be a question about evolution, not about human rights for evil people and other types of silly argument that Satan's mouthpieces try to brainwash us with.

If you have read all the previous webpages then you will also realize that people can be possessed by Satan or the Klingons.
Be remote controlled to speak with the voice of Satan.
And satan is a clever guy that can pop up where you did not expect him to be. For example in the Catholic church.
Or among peace activists and people speaking about non violence. Or among political correct politicians.
And you will find the truth only if you analyzes the words spoken by these people against the consequences for genes and evolution.

The root of evilness
The root of evilness is Satans most powerful weapon, because it is camouflaged to look nice and friendly. Nice people that talk love and peace and non-vilolence. Extreme pacifists and too nice and friendly Jesus-dope- addicts that want to let every rapist and murderer out on the street.
And this Satan's evilness is camouflaged like a HIV-virus that kills the clean up operation and kills the immune system. You perhaps did not expect these camouflaged friendly looking people to be Satan's greatest weapon.

If you kill the root of the evilness, then the rest of the evilness can't survive.
If you kill the HIV-infection then you have repaired the immune-system, and the evolution can begin go in the right direction.

The root of the evilness is not the evil-doers themselves, but the peaceful looking activists speaking Satans remote controlled bullshit about human rights and other silly arguments to release evil people into society again and again and again.
The evolution will not go into the right direction if you do not stop the spread of evil genes, by not releasing these people out on the street again.
If you can't make the hard decision then you are not worthy of protecting people from crime and evilness.
If you let evil people out on the street to do evil deeds against people then you are a traitor that deserve death and extermination from the human gene pool.

If you don't attack the evilness at its root then you have to fight with a knife in your back.
The root of traitors will defend and release evil people out on the street again, and your work and fight have been wasted time and useless. All your work is in vain because you did not understand how the world works, and you did attack a brach of evilness but not the root.
Therefore you should always put the root of evilness as your prime target, put Satan's mouthpieces as your prime target.

You are the immune system, and Satan's mouthpieces are the HIV-infection which is your prime target.
Anything that attacks the immune system should always be the prime target. Otherways the immune system will die and the evilness will exist for eternity.

I hope that you now realize that the worst evilness is camouflaged. Satan is a clever guy that have fooled the world and even the Catholic church.


When the crime-rate fell in the beginning of the 1990's it happend so fast that everyone were surprised. . . . . Among the factors that can explain this trend, is more criminals in prison, more police, changed economy, and less consumption of alcohol.
But a potential force behind this trend were that abortion was legaliced in the 1970's.
A calculation even if debated has showed that the legalization of abortion can explain as much as 45% of the decline in crime.

Free abortion will make the evolution go in the right direction. Because only people that really love children and want children will make them.
And scumbags and bad people that only want to f**k and don't like children will not make them. No unwanted children accidents anymore, only loved children. The world will be inhabited by good people that loves children.

So what is the Catholic church doing ? Have they become a mouthpiece of Satan ?

It's time to throw Satan and his fake inspired wisdom out the window.
Also throw out the source of Holy glass house feeling, impostor fake God, fake Jesus that fools the priests of the Catholic church into pedophilia.
Fooled by feelings , which is Satans primary language, talking to the animal of you, unlike Gods wisdom talking to the thinking part of your brain.

God is wisdom, not feelings.
Feelings is the animal language of Satan. And just like the CIA that tried to use drugs like LSD as a weapon, Satan uses his candy zapper dope drug that feels like a holy house of glass to fool you. It's not God the remote controlled fellow in your head, it's Satan.
And now you are sitting there doing nothing important enjoying the happy zapper dope feelings, hit by this very effective weapon that will make the CIA jealous. And nothing important will come from you because you are neutralized and live like a dope addict zombie.

But of course there are also good friends from heaven using feelings.
I must say that to speak the full truth. And to not discredit the Christian religion or its believers.
I have had them in my head myself, and they are from a civilization of interconnected minds, which explains the words in the Bible of "they were of one soul".
But you will wake up and realize that this planet is not ready for them, when someone hit you face and steal your wallet.
And you have to learn the difference between the good and evil guests.
Satan your holy glass house friend between your ears for example play the notes of trigging the sexual animal parts of your body, perhaps begin with thougts of hugging a child, then step by step with new inserted thougts that ends with pedophilia. Your remote controlled glass-house friend in your head did it. And still you believe that it's God or Jesus.
If happy good feelings is what you want then you can replace your God with LSD or any drug. Perhaps a God-666-pill.

Acts 4:32
And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of one soul: neither said any of them that ought of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things common.

A state of mind that the shrinks and scientists can't explain. You must feel it yourself to understand. And it's from a civilization out there which the radio amateurs at SETI are searching for and can't find with their stoneage radio-toys.




So what do we have to do ?

No witchhunt, no killing, no jailing, but instead science and a peaceful solution.

All crooks shall be documented with type of crime and a DNA-sample for the scientists.
The DNA-research will help find and exterminate all traces of genes of evilness.

Find an island that you will rename Hell, remove all nice people, and send the crooks there instead to live in peace for the rest of their life.
This can't be seen as punishment because they are not in jail. But because they are Satans people they will try to rob, kill and rape each other. That's the punishment done by themselves.
And you should not let them escape. Send them back every time. They should be free to design their Hell-island as they wish. Drugs and simple handweapons allowed.
And also send those camouflaged HIV-bastards there to. To make sure that they don't harm the children in our future by lettings Satan out to make the evolution go backwards again.
All these people belong there.

Sometimes a child will be born that don't belong to that island.
Let their parents decide what to do.

They have to build up their own police and adminstration or anarchy, whatever they like.
And work for their living. They are free to live among people like themselves. 100% freedom.

In the future the scientists will develop genetic tools to do the rest of the non-violent genetic clean up, for those who eventually survive living among all the rapists, and murderers on Hell-island. To make sure that they only will give birth to good children.


What do we win ?
Law abiding people will get rid of the crooks permanently , with all the drop in cost for insurances, burglar alarms, hospitals, police, jails . . .and feel more safe.
It will give us a non violent solution with no jailing or killing where the crooks can live 100% free among people of their own kind.
It will be easier to push for this solution compared to jail and death penalty, because there is no political drawback since there is no violence and no wrong or inhuman with this solution.
And it will make the evolution begin go in the right direction, which make our planet become a paradise in the future, filled only with people you can trust.

Compare to the Satan's solution we have now where stupid people let crooks out on the street to do new crimes. And the evolution will never go in the right direction, and you can't trust people.

Revelation 20:1-6 KJV
And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.
And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years,
And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season.




God and Satan

God and Satan (Shaitan) really exists but the world is more complicated than only two Gods or two aliens or two extra terrestrial civilizations.

Satan or Shaitan prefer to use people with a special kind of DNA encoded animal personality. People with the right wing prostitute personality which will sell their own mothers if anyone want to buy. They are ruled by egoism and lacks empathy.
The other type of personality that Satan use are the non violence HIV-personality. The card he picks up to rescue his evil people from jail or death, and help him make the evolution go in the bad direction.

For a right wing prostitute personality, the justice is only a question about money. And you will find them among politicians. And among politicians you will also find the HIV-personality of bad people.
If you vote for them you vote for Satan. And you will get corruption and crooks out on the street.
Both of these types of personality have the betrayal encoded into their genes. And you can't trust them.


The animal personality

The animal personality of man is coded into the DNA, and is about the fundamental animal behaviour that we need to survive into coming generations.
It is about hunger, aggressivity, empathy, egoism versus ability to cooperate, ability to use violence, steal and murder, sexual instincts, will to take care of your own children.
And the truth is that we are not created equal.

We are created different.
Some people have bad DNA and others have good DNA.
And that's what the war between God and Satan is about.

And the advice about exterminating muderers in the Bilbe is a question about stopping bad DNA from propagating into future generations.
It is Gods wisdom.
Which you should compare to the arguments from the Satan collective that is based on animal feelings instead of wisdom.
Dont kill the murderer because it feels so cruel to kill a murderer.

And the question you should ask yourself is, which alternative will clean up the world from bad DNA. God or Satan.

But in these modern days, the clean up operation can be made more peaceful with the help of science. No killing, no amputation, no jails, and still exterminate bad DNA.


Proof of DNA coded behaviour and differences

The difference in DNA coded animal personality is visible through homosexuality.
Some of these gays really look like women, if it was not for the dink between their legs.
Some men have breasts. And some move like a woman.
And what we see is actually that the female personality and body shape is coded into the DNA, but in the wrong body.
Wrong DNA in wrong body.

Can a complex behaviour really be coded into the genes ?
Look at a spiders web and see the truth.
Look at a birds nest and see the truth.
How do the flies and bugs know how to do the hhhmm thing.
The answer is, it is coded into the DNA.

Some people are DNA coded for social cooperation.
While others are DNA coded for egoism, robbery, stealing.
There is no sharp boundary between these personalities, but also look at the extreme endpoints.
Pathologic egoism, or people that gives everything they have away.

The social cooperation is a left wing personality
And the egoism is a right wing personality.
And is also visible on other life forms on this planet.
Some animals are cooperating while others are competing.

Some people can't use violence at all.  The chicken pacifist personality.
And they feel sick when thinking about violence.

Others can kill people without even blinking with their eyes.

If you know the characteristics of a special type of personality, then it's also easier to find out who planted a bomb.
Right wing people kill innocent people, while left wing people direct their attacks against a selected target person.
In Iraq the bombs that is planted at market places and kill innocent people is a typical right wing deed.

And the reason is because a left wing person has empathy that extends to other people, because he is of the cooperation type of personality while a right wing egoist person has less empathy if anything at all for other people.

Torture of innocent people is also a typical right wing deed.


Some people think it is OK to use other people as their slaves.
While others think that this is criminal and evil.
And the difference is in the DNA.

Some men treat women as slaves, while other men show love and respect.
And it's because of different DNA.

Some people have the law and the Constitution coded into their DNA while others are programmed in the opposite direction.


It's time to abolish the myth created by Satan's mouthpieces.
We are not created equal !


The myth of education can be crushed by asking :
Why some people that have had a hell and grown up in worst thinkable conditions still are nice and friendly people.
While others that were born with a siver spoon in their mouth, and have had the best thinkable life condition and education still becomes crooks and bad people.
If you can't explain these two selected extremes, then you can't claim to have any scientific valid explanation.

The answer is because of different DNA.


The DNA also means that it is like gambling.
Because you can't change the type of personality of your children or relatives.
Maybe it comes as a chock to find out that education is almost a myth.
And that your relatives can be a mix up of bad and good people.




Links about DNA and human behaviour
We are not created equal. The building instructions for a human brain is coded into the DNA, and we all have different DNA.
This is about the DNA-war betwen God and Satan.

Genes contribute to behavior differences between fierce and friendly rats

Humans and rats have something in common.
We are all created by evolution, and the animal behaviour is programmed into the genes.
But what stupid people and teflon heads don't understand is that we are not created equal.
There exist many alternatives of different DNA-programs for animal behaviour.
Which makes it possible to get rid of the evilness in the world, by sorting out the bad people and sending them to HELL-island.
In the same way scientist sort out rats by animal behaviour.
And we have thereby made the evolution go in the rigth direction.

Genes contribute to behavior differences between law abiding and criminal people.
It's not the intelligence that matters, it is the animal DNA-program that decides if someone lacks empathy and have to much egoism to do the crime.
Go figure.
And stop listening to leftists-religion about education or social factors.
If God in the holy books says kill rapists and robbers then it's because he is superior in knowledge and intelligence and knew something about genes and evolution, long before our own scientists.
If you want the world to become a paradise then you have to think evolutionary, and not behave like a too nice and friendly HIV-infection.

If you deport all crooks to HELL-island then the crimes will in the future only be on HELL-island.
If you deport bad people to HELL-island then it will become a Mad Max island where gangs are fighting and killing each other.
Just like in south american prisons where different gangs are trying to kill each other.
It is a Hell made by themselves and you should not care. Because only Satans mouthpieces care about them. Don't forget to send these Satans camouflaged moutpieces and root of evilness there too because that's the most important part of the solution.
Or else they will sabotage the future of your children.

For example by destroying allt those nukes that stupid peace activists hate. A tool which ET helped us build with the purpose to defend this planet against asteroids in the future.
When the crooks are gone the nukes will only be a peaceful tool instead of a weapon.

And it's time to abolish the ban against testing and using the nukes in space, which where inpired by Satan.
And begin the testing against asteroids.