The scientific explanation to the supernatural, intuition and hearing voices


DNA and religion

God and Satan (Shaitan) really exists but the world is more complicated than only two Gods or aliens.
And  the Catholic church is ruled by the one that for the moment remote controls the pope.
Sometimes it is Satan and sometimes it is God.
And it depends mainly on the actual animal DNA-personality of the pope.

Satan or Shaitan prefer to use people with a special kind of DNA encoded animal personality.
Because they are easier for "him" to control. And gives him more power.
For example people with the right wing egoistic prostitute personality or people with the chicken HIV-personality.

Satan is the God of the prostitutes, and the defender of the thieves and murderers and perversion.
The creator of war and disaster. The leader of the robber pack. And also known under the name Ariel.

For a right wing prostitute personality, the justice is only a question about money.
And a chicken personality is always like a HIV virus, killing both the evolution and the immune system. (killing the defence against crooks)
Both these DNA- pesonalities are always defending all kinds of crooks.
But the last one is camouflaged and therefore the most evil one. HIV

The difference between God and Satan is for example that :
God want to exterminate prostitutes and crooks and bad DNA, while Satan want to protect and forgive their sins.
The war is about DNA.
There is also some difference about drinking alcohol.
And God is anti-wisdom like the talibans that blow up schools, the Amish people or the ultraorthodox Jews.
God want us to be idiots, and primitve peasants. (Anti-technology.)
While Satan is more for spreading knowlegde.
But also creating wars and corruption.

Satan is the collective of genetic DNA garbage in the galaxy.
All kind of perverted, sadistic, evil, stupid aliens.
Which explains everything of the God Satan conflict.

So which one is the evil one ?
And who is the God of the Christian religion ?


The animal personality

The animal personality of man is coded into the DNA, and is about the fundamental animal behaviour that we need to survive into coming generations.
It is about hunger, aggressivity, empathy, egoism versus ability to cooperate, ability to use violence, steal and murder, sexual instincts, will to take care of your own children.
And the truth is that we are not created equal.

We are created different.
Some people have bad DNA and others have good DNA.
And that's what the war between God and Satan is about.

And the advice about exterminating muderers in the Bilbe is a question about stopping bad DNA from propagating into future generations.
It is Gods wisdom.
Which you should compare to the arguments from the Satan collective that is based on animal feelings instead of wisdom.
Dont kill the murderer because it feels so cruel to kill a murderer.

And the question you should ask yourself is, which alternative will clean up the world from bad DNA. God or Satan.

But in these modern days, the clean up operation can be made more peaceful with the help of science. No killing, no amputation, no jails, and still exterminate bad DNA.


Proof of DNA coded behaviour and differences

The difference in DNA coded animal personality is visible through homosexuality.
Some of these gays really look like women, if it was not for the dink between their legs.
Some men have breasts. And some move like a woman.
And what we see is actually that the female personality and body shape is coded into the DNA, but in the wrong body.
Wrong DNA in wrong body.

Can a complex behaviour really be coded into the genes ?
Look at a spiders web and see the truth.
Look at a birds nest and see the truth.
How do the flies and bugs know how to do the hhhmm thing.
The answer is, it is coded into the DNA.

Some people are DNA coded for social cooperation.
While others are DNA coded for egoism, robbery, stealing.
There is no sharp boundary between these personalities, but also look at the extreme endpoints.
Pathologic egoism, or people that gives everything they have away.

The social cooperation is a left wing personality
And the egoism is a right wing personality.
And is also visible on other life forms on this planet.
Some animals are cooperating while others are competing.

Some people can't use violence at all.  The chicken pacifist personality.
And they feel sick when thinking about violence.

Others can kill people without even blinking with their eyes.

If you know the characteristics of a special type of personality, then it's also easier to find out who planted a bomb.
Right wing people kill innocent people, while left wing people direct their attacks against a selected target person.
In Iraq the bombs that is planted at market places and kill innocent people is a typical right wing deed.

And the reason is because a left wing person has empathy that extends to other people, because he is of the cooperation type of personality while a right wing egoist person has less empathy if anything at all for other people.

Torture of innocent people is also a typical right wing deed.


Some people think it is OK to use other people as their slaves.
While others think that this is criminal and evil.
And the difference is in the DNA.

Some people have the law and the Constitution coded into their DNA while other are programmed in the opposite direction.


The myth of education can be crushed by asking :
Why some people that have had a hell and grown up in worst thinkable conditions still are nice and friendly people.
While others that were born with a siver spoon in their mouth, and have had the best thinkable life condition and education still becomes crooks and bad people.
If you can't explain these two selected extremes, then you can't claim to have any scientific valid explanation.

The answer is because of different DNA.


The DNA also means that it is like gambling.
Because you can't change the type of personality of your children or relatives.
Maybe it comes as a chock to find out that education is almost a myth.
And that your relatives can be a mix up of bad and good people.




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