The scientific explanation to the supernatural, intuition and hearing voices



This website is about how to build a machine that uses quantum physics to remotecontrol your brain. It.s about how to spy on and manipulate your thoughts.

About 3 to 5 percent of the population can hear voices speak in their heads.
For example the former president of the United States, George Bush, that claimed that God talked to him.
But Bush is a war-crook and a typical corrupted prostitute politician, which means that it probably was Satan the God of the prostitutes that talked to him. And gave him good advice about bombing peasants and killing women and children.

Other examples include Mijailo Mijailovic that killed the Swedish foreign minister Anna Lindh and claimed to have heard voices that encouraged him to kill da bitch.
If God wanted to kill that woman, then she was probably worth nothing, stop mourning.

Other examples of how people can be remote controlled is intuition, in which other senses than hearing is affected.
As an example : 9 of 10 Nobel Prize winners say that they let the intuition lead them in their scientific work.
And the important point here is that Nobel Prize winners are not assumed to be maniacs or idiots.

There exist companies that sell education to big-company leaders about how to use the intuition when doing important decision about the company's future.

Other examples of remote controlling of peoples minds are all those religious nuts, that get cheap zapper-dope, and therefore tiptoes like living in a house of fragile glass, clasping their hands and pointing their empty-headed happy narcotic eyes straight forward, rattling and splashing, singing and enjoying the religious happiness.
God is so great, we want more zapper-dope. ( Satan is the God that can deliver the absolutely best candy for the idiots. )

More examples is to be found in the Holy Books, in which the prophets receives messages from what they call God. Sometimes with the instruction to crush and destroy all those glass houses in which the idiots are gathered and rattles and splashes. Tada, crash, bonk, donk, kaboom
The real God is perhaps not the one that delivers zapper-dope and candy.

The fact that people can be commanded and remote controlled should make the alarm bells start ringing at pentagon and the CIA, but they are perhaps already neutralized by someone that remote controls their sick brains, and makes them become apathetic. In other words a weapon more powerful than nuclear weapons.


What is the cause of the voices and the intuition ?

  1. It's possible to build a machine that can be used to spy on and remote control peoples thinking.
  2. The working principle of the machine is to measure and generate electric currents at long distance away from the target. And since all activity in a human brain and the nervous system consist of electric currents, all senses can be remote controlled, seeing, hearing, thinking, feeling, movements.
  3. The machine does not use radio waves or electromagnetism, but instead quantum physics at a very high level of complexity.

There are many pieces of the puzzle that must be fitted together before you can see the shape of the truth.
And not before that do you realize how it fits together.

This web site has the target to make visible all those pieces of the puzzle, and to prove that people can be remote controlled, and to prove that the machine that can do that really exists.


Pieces of the puzzle

Science: SETI, Quantum physics, nonlocality
Psychology :
Hearing voices, Intuition, Subconsciousness, Parapsychology
Religion : Gods, Demons, Seeing visions, Hearing voices

All these branches of science and religious experience must be connected together to one unity before you can see the shape and truth. And a lot of religious superstitious garbage must be undressed from it's camouflage.
Gods and demons are typical examples of extra-terrestrial life, and exactly what SETI is looking for.
The fact that the nuts at SETI can't se the alien activity even when it is going on in front of their noses is a minus mark on their reputation :-)

SETI Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence
Scientist that believes that the aliens are so primitive and stupid that they still uses stone-age radios, and therefore have put up all those radio telescopes in order to try catch the aliens radio signals.
But the truth is that the aliens instead are using quantum physics, and have been here for thousands of years already.

Warning :
If it's true that it's possible to remote control your thinking and feelings, then you can in this right moment be remote controlled to misinterpret what you read, or think that what you read is wrong or insane. Because some aliens are running a war against us, and want to hide that they exist and sabotages our future. Don't trust your feelings.




We are all remote controlled

Absolutely all people are remote controlled in different degrees of activity, but they are not aware about that, because they have never wondered about wherefrom all thoughts, feelings and impulses that pops up in their heads are coming from.

Psychologists have tried to explain unexpected impulsive deeds with the subconsciousness. But the truth is that it's the aliens that analyzes and remote controls. A good example of that is people with multiple personalities, or those cases in which these personalities have started to fight each other.
How do you know that your own personality is at all your own personality ?  (Symbiosis of primitive human ape and alien technology)

Intuition is another example of excellent sharpness in thinking that comes served with no need to try to think at all.

The remote controlling is usually camouflaged to pretend to be our own thoughts.
Only in extraordinary cases do the aliens break the camouflage by starting to babble and fight in peoples heads, or by remote controlling someone near you to know about what you believed until then was your personal absolute top secrets.

The fact that the aliens know all your shameful perverted secrets can scare some people.
But also remember that perverted evil deeds can be forced upon you by some aliens.

Pedophilia is for example 10 times more common among priests in the Catholic church than among ordinary people. The church of the Holy filth, in which an alien sometimes gives us feelings of Holy glass house, and in the next moment give us perverted sexual pushes.  The question is :  Is it God or Satan that have founded the church of sinners, a religion that in contrast to the old Biblical religion forgives all sins of all prostitutes and murderers instead of stoning them to death ?

In fact the situation is more complex than God and Satan, because the aliens civilizations consist of more than two alien beings.

And if you want to understand the conflict between God and Satan for 100% then you must include genetics and DNA, and a theory of processes of enrichment or extermination of selected DNA-programmed animal personality.



The purpose of this WebSite

This WebSite is meant to be a meeting place for ordinary people and scientists, for exchange of experience.
Here can you talk about your own experience or research.  ( See the talk page )

Another purpose of this WebSite is to promote research and help each other to find solutions to trouble and finally to prove that the remote controlling of peoples senses really exist.


Final words repetition.
The message of this WebPage is that it's possible to build a machine that uses quantum physics to remote control peoples thoughts and feelings.
And some examples of such remote controlling like hearing voices and intuition.




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How to find your own demons

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